8 Must Have Car Anti-Theft Devices For Road Trip

8 Must Have Car Anti-Theft Devices For Road Trip

Cars are not the easiest things to steal but it does happen. When you are on your way for your long-awaited vacation, car theft is the last thing you would want spoiling your plans.

On a road trip, so many things can go wrong despite doing everything right. You can park in the right place, make sure you locked all windows and doors, and still be a victim of auto theft. As difficult as it may seem, car theft is steadily increasing over the years and yours could be next. Once stolen, these cars are often sold in parts to different buyers, making it virtually impossible to ever find the cars.

Nowadays, there are several devices made available to help protect your car from theft. Car tracker is one of them. You do not need to take extreme measures to hide your car anymore. You can just employ the use of these high-quality gadgets and you can sit back to enjoy your trip.

To aid in your decision, I have listed a couple of anti-theft devices you can easily get your hands on;

  • Dash Cam

8 Must Have Car Anti-Theft Devices For Road Trip

Cameras are one of the go-to devices we use in keeping our houses safe. Why not employ the same idea for our cars?

There are dash cams that can record videos of up to 1080p and also get crisp and clear images regardless of the lighting (even at night). Some also come with sensors that make them come on the moment there is a sudden movement or event like theft, broken windows, and so on. Along with that, there are a few other benefits of using a dash cam.

  • Wheel Lock

This device is one of the simplest means of protecting your vehicle. It preys on the fact that thieves would love to work fast –get in quick and get out even quicker. However, this device creates a scenario that wouldn’t want to be caught in.

It is attached to the steering wheel, protecting it from coming to any harm or being used. Most importantly, it will be hard to get off if they do not have the key, thereby slowing them down.

  • Brake Lock

These are attached to the brake or clutch pedals preventing them from being depressed. Works similarly to the wheel lock by requiring a key to unlock it and thereby slowing down thieves who won’t have the keys.

  • Tire Lock

These are clamped on the tired to prevent them from spinning. They are made with heavy-duty steel and are quite easy to fit on the tires. They are more durable but mostly used for cars that will be parked at a spot for quite some time.

If you get to your vacation destination and wouldn’t need to be driving, then this is a great option for you.

  • Wireless Anti-Theft Security Alarm

Apart from wasting time, thieves do not like bringing attention to themselves and that is exactly what this device does. All you have to do is install it on the inside of your car door and set the “arm key” when you are leaving your car, knowing fully well that a really loud alarm will go off if anyone tries to break in.

  • Keyless Entry Security Alarm System

This simple but effective system can work at more than 900 feet away. It includes a central door lock and also a shock sensor. So, if anyone tampers with the car, a sound of up to 120db will be set off.

  • Car Key Protector

With technology regularly giving thieves new ways to breakin, it also does the job of creating ways to foil their attempts. Thieves have been known to copy and boost the wireless fobs of vehicles so they can easily gain entry into the car.

This faraday bag effectively blocks the signal of your car key so that the thieves can’t pick it up. There are also extra spaces for items such as your ID and bank cards.

  • GPS Tracker

8 Must Have Car Anti-Theft Devices For Road Trip

If your car does get stolen, one of the hardest things to do is trace it. But if you have this little device installed in your vehicle, you can easily pinpoint its location no matter where it is.

Advantaged of Car Anti-Theft Devices

  • Peace of Mind: these devices provides an extra layer of security that makes you feel calm and secure and not have to worry about the possibility of your car being stolen
  • Protect Your Car: if you are the type that parks outside often, then installing one or more of these devices on your car will ensure that nobody tries to steal it

Having taken these extra precautions to protect your car, you should feel safer about its security while you do your roadtrip. However, no device can offer you 100% protection, and therefore, you need to make sure that in the event you do lose your car to theft, it doesn’t mar your road trip and dump a bunch of unexpected expenses on you.

To ensure this, you should make sure you purchase car insurance before you embark on your journey. To know more about car insurance from AA Ireland, you can visit their website – www.theaa.ie where you can go over the various policies made available to you.

And also, make sure that the policy purchased will cover every possible situation you can envisage happening throughout your journey.