Are there any transmission problems with my GMC Truck?

Are there any transmission problems with my GMC Truck?

Newer GMC trucks equipped with a 6-speed 6L80 transmission can suffer from various intermittent or constant transmission issues. Symptoms include harsh or delayed shifting, inability to engage certain gears, and slipping when shifting gears. These problems can even lead to transmission overheating in some cases.

Are there any problems with GMC 8 speed transmission?

GMC vehicles with 8-speed 8L90 and 8L45 transmission can develop intermittent problems regarding the transmission temperature. Symptoms that drivers can experience include improbable temperature readings to overheating, slipping, and harsh shifting. These issues will trigger a check engine light, so there will be a fault code stored in DTC memory.

Why is my GMC transmission stuck in 1st gear?

See GMC Transmission Rebult Kits . Clogged or faulty shift solenoids, resulting in electrical glitches or jammings. If the fault is electrical, it may trigger a check engine light. Mechanical issues and clogged solenoids will rarely result in a check engine light. Missing higher gears or transmission stuck in 1st gear.

Why is the transmission not shifting on my Chevy Silverado?

Take a couple of easy steps to see why your truck is not shifting. No need to panic yet. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado GMT800 (1999-2006). Your transmission is just supposed to shift and leave you alone.

What kind of transmission does a Sierra 1500 have?

I read a list that said my 2010 Sierra had a 4L60E but it is in fact the 6L80E – if you have 6 gears, you almost definitely have this transmission on a 1500 truck from this era (the heavy duty trucks have a 6L90E). Suddenly, you have no forward gears in your vehicle.

What causes a GMC to not shift gears?

Vehicle won’t move in any gear. Low transmission fluid level – One of the most common issues that prevent a GMC vehicle from shifting when placed in the Drive (D) or Reverse (R) is a low transmission fluid level. Shifter link – The shifter link connects the shifter to the transmission valve body.

Is the GMC 6 speed transmission a reliable transmission?

In other words the transmission is reliable if you deal with the clunking. A family member has a 2011 GMC and the 6 speed acts the same and he has over 200,000 miles on it.

How can you tell if your transmission has failed?

A good way to tell if this is the case is to look at the vehicles RPM on the highway. If the needle moves up and down with the most minor of rpm input change, than it is likely that the locking mechanism has failed. It feels so different going down the highway that it can be confused for a lack of overdrive.