Can a data link be connected to an OBD-II scanner?

Can a data link be connected to an OBD-II scanner?

When connecting the OBD-II scanner cable to the data link connector, be extremely gentle. This is because the 16 pins in the plug are extremely delicate and you can easily bend the pins or crack the plastic around the plug if you push too hard.

Why is my OBD2 not connecting to YouTube?

These issues include an incompatible obd2 scan tool, bad fuses, damage in the circuit board, ECU, and failed computer. OBD-II…. Non connecting data Port Issue. *FIXED* This might help you! – YouTube OBD-II…. Non connecting data Port Issue. *FIXED* This might help you! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Is the OBD2 scanner capable of reading the enhance code?

They are however nor capable of reading enhance codes or OEM which are mostly specific to vehicles. Generic codes are also known as P0 codes, while the enhance codes are called the P1 codes. Enhanced codes mostly change depending on the model year and should be regularly replaced or updated.

What happens when no codes are set for OBD2?

This means that if no codes are set (translates to no trouble found) after all the monitors have been run, then your vehicle is running clean and will pass an OBDII plug-in emissions test or a tailpipe smog check.

Why does OBD2 link error come on when scanner reads?

An expert whose answer got voted for 100 times. An expert that has over 500 points. Re: OBD2 Link Error comes on when scanner reads. You may have the wrong code reader. Try another one and see what happens. It could also be a blown fuse, check all your fuses, in particular the one that controls the cigarette lighter.

When do I get ” linking error ” OBDII Comm failure?

Dec 24, 2008 I have been having so much trouble with this car so I finally went out and bought a nice OBD II Scanner. Relief came when the scanner arrived but it did not last long. I booted it up correct and as it tried to connected I get “Linking Error”.

Why is the OBD2 port pinout not communicating?

Thanx in advance. Here is is the OBD2 port pinout, a bad ground will prevent communication, pin 5 is a ground. See if it has a good ground. Key off and use a good 10 megaohm impedance ohmmeter to test the pin 5 to ground. If no ground the circuit is broken somewhere between the OBD2 connector and the PCM

Where does the OBD2 power fuse come from?

THE MAIN POWER FOR OBD2 COME FROM CIG LIGHTER FUSE. IF FUSE IS OK SCAN WITH DIFFERENT SCANNER.SOME TIMES CHRYSLER DON’T LIKE GENERIC SCANNERS. You need an OBD2 scanner to read the error code. It plugs in to your car and is typically under the steering wheel. Autozone will read the error code for free.