How does a radar magnetron work?

How does a radar magnetron work?

The cavity magnetron is a high-power vacuum tube used in early radar systems and currently in microwave ovens. It generates microwaves using the interaction of a stream of electrons with a magnetic field while moving past a series of cavity resonators which are small, open cavities in a metal block.

How magnetron works explain in detail?

A magnetron’s job is to generate fairly short radio waves. The magnetron does its stuff by resonating like a flute when you pump electrical energy into it. But, unlike a flute, it produces electromagnetic waves instead of sound waves so you can’t hear the resonant energy its making.

What is magnetron and its principle?

The magnetron is an oscillator which converts DC pulsed power into microwave power by means of a standing wave structure. Pulsed operation enables the very high peak power required by the accelerator guide to be generated while limiting the average power demanded.

Do radars use magnetron?

A type of vacuum tube used as the frequency source in microwave ovens, radar systems and other high-power microwave circuits. In radar, magnetrons can be used as the signal source to feed the power stage of the radar transmitter, typically a klystron tube. These resonating chambers comprise the anode of the magnetron.

How is the magnetron used in radar equipment?

Crossed electron and magnetic fields are used in the magnetron to produce the high-power output required in radar equipment. These multi-cavity devices may be used in radar transmitters as either pulsed or CW oscillators at frequencies ranging from approximately 600 to 95,000 megahertz. [1]

How many holes are in a magnetron radar tube?

The 8 up to 20 cylindrical holes around its circumference are resonant cavities. A narrow slot runs from each cavity into the central portion of the tube dividing the inner structure into as many segments as there are cavities. Each cavity works as a parallel resonant circuit.

What are the advantages of using a magnetron?

Advantages 1 Magnetrons are a highly efficient device used for generation of the high power microwave signal. 2 The use of magnetrons in radar can produce radar system of better quality for tracking purpose. 3 It is usually small in size thus less bulky.

What is the operating principle of a magnetron?

The operating principle of a magnetron is such that when electrons interact with electric and magnetic field in the cavity then high power oscillations get generated. Magnetrons are majorly used in radar as being the only high power source of RF signal as a power oscillator despite a power amplifier.