How is the kick start gear connected to the clutch?

How is the kick start gear connected to the clutch?

The mainshaft is connected to the clutch and the clutch is connected to the engine crankshaft. When the engine starts and you release the pressure on the Kick Starter, the kick start gear is thrown out of mesh with the idler gear. The problem with this arrangement is that all the Kick Starter gears and springs are within the crankcase.

Where does the power from a kick starter go?

Because of this Low Pinion gear (#3) on the Clutch Basket, the power from the Kick Starter goes straight to the Crankshaft and NOT through any of the transmission shafts. That enables the engine to be started even with the clutch disengaged. Starting while the engine is in gear is possible.

Where does the starter clutch go on a motorcycle?

Starting at the left is a bearing which the mainshaft rides on, followed by the starter clutch spring, the starter main shaft gear, the starter clutch and finally a washer and nut to hold everything together. Starter clutch and starter main gear mounted on the transmission mainshaft.

How does a ratchet kick starter work on a motorcycle?

When the shaft is turned in one direction, the gear moves lengthwise along the shaft. When the shaft turns the opposite direction, the gear also reverses direction. The friction spring clip rides in a groove cast into the. A Full Ratchet Kick Starter is another way to engage and disengage a starter gear.

How to clutch / push / roll start a motorcycle?

Step 4: Hold the clutch in and start pushing. Pull the clutch in so that you can begin to roll the motorcycle, ensuring it is still in 2 nd gear. Push off from the top of a hill or get your mate to start pushing you on the bike. Make sure your mate keeps pushing until the engine starts!

Which is the easiest gear to push start?

Second gear is the easiest gear to push start in, though you could potentially use first or third if there’s a problem with second gear in your car. Press the clutch with your left foot and then slide the gear selector all the way to the left and back to place it in second gear.

How to push the start button on a car?

1 The key must be in the “on” position when you push start it. Otherwise, the engine won’t start when you drop the clutch. 2 The key will unlock the steering wheel, but remember that you will have no power steering until the engine is running. More