How many dollars is 1000 Flybuys points?

How many dollars is 1000 Flybuys points?

Each 1000 flybuys points is worth $5.

How many Flybuys points equals $1?

1 flybuys point
On the Coles Rewards Mastercard, you will earn 2 flybuys points per $1 up to $3,000 per statement period, then 1 flybuys point per $1. There is no annual fee in the first year, after which, it reverts to $99. You will receive 40,000 bonus flybuys points or $200 off instore when you spend $1,500 in the first 60 days.

Can I transfer Flybuy points?

Once linked, Flybuys points earned by the household can be manually transferred to the linked Velocity account by any member of the Flybuys household. Visit to manually transfer your Flybuys points.

How much is 2000 Flybuys worth?

2,000 flybuys points has a $10 value (at Coles), so you are paying 1.15c per Velocity Point if you make a flybuys points transfer.

Can you spend Flybuys dollars online?

Customers can now pay for groceries using Flybuys points Coles Online customers can simply select flypay when checking out and follow the instructions to part-pay using their Flybuys points, from $10 (redemption of 2,000 points) up to $50 (redemption of 10,000 points) per transaction.

Can I use Flybuys dollars online?

Can you merge Flybuys accounts?

And if you have someone who already has a Flybuys card (or New World Clubcard earning Flybuys), you can merge them into your account by calling our Service Centre on 0800 Flybuys (359 2897).

What can I get for 10000 Flybuys points?

Essentially, you’ll be given a target amount to spend at Coles for four weeks in a row. Reach this target and you will earn 10,000 bonus Flybuys points or $50 off your next Coles shop. The target amount usually ranges from $40 to $120 a week, depending on how much you’ve spent previously.

How do I pay with Flybuys dollars?

How it works?

  1. Free to sign up. Add your payment card and Flybuys number.
  2. Checkout with flypay. Log into flypay and follow the steps to payment.
  3. Collect Flybuys points. Collect points at the checkout with participating Flybuys partners on qualifying transactions*
  4. Redeem Flybuys points.

How do I spend my flybuys dollars?

How do I access my flybuys dollars?

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  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. From the main menu choose “Rewards”, then “Money off shop”, then select “flybuys Dollars” and “Get it Now”
  3. Complete the required information, and set up a 4-digit PIN.
  4. Select how many points you want to exchange for flybuys Dollars.