How many times has a Specialized Roubaix won Paris Roubaix?

How many times has a Specialized Roubaix won Paris Roubaix?

15-years and seven Paris-Roubaix wins after the Roubaix made its debut, our “Smoother is Faster” concept had spiraled into a complete obsession for designing the fastest machine on the cobbles. In 2019, the all-new Roubaix delivered the perfect balance of aerodynamics, light overall weight, and compliance.

Is Specialized Roubaix unisex?

Interestingly, when the company launched its Roubaix model, Specialized committed to gender-neutral bikes in terms of geometry, sizing, name and designs going forward. Specialized’s road models are ranked from entry-level through to range-topping S-Works and are available with frames made from carbon or aluminium.

Has a British rider won Paris-Roubaix?

British rider Elizabeth (Lizzie) Deignan has won the first edition of the women’s Paris-Roubaix cycle race, having broken away from the rest of the peloton a full 82 kilometres away from the finish line.

Are Paris-Roubaix bikes different?

Even more than ever, it’s the smaller things such as chain catchers, wider tyres, and double-wrapped bars that set Paris-Roubaix bikes apart from those raced at ‘regular’ road races these days, rather than wholesale change.

Is the specialized s-Works Roubaix SL4 an endurance bike?

The Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL4 might not be exactly what you expect. It has the positioning and handling of an endurance bike but the spunk and weight of a full-blown racer. Ride quality is somewhere in between, too Created with sketchtool. Created with sketchtool.

How big is a Roubaix SL4 steerer tube?

Many brands vary tubing sizes and shapes according to frame size, but Specialized has gone one step further with the Roubaix SL4 by varying the lower steerer tube diameter as well, to help maintain the same ride quality across the range: 1 1/8in for 49-52cm sizes, 1 1/4in for 54-56cm, and 1 1/2in for 58-61cm.

How big is a Roubaix SL4 tarmac bike?

Actual weight for our 52cm frame is 961g including the seatpost collar, rear derailleur hanger, and anodized aluminum water bottle bolts – just 40g heavier than the similarly sized S-Works Tarmac SL4 we tested last year. The matching 390g fork tacks on a more significant 80g weight penalty but, even so, they’re impressive numbers.

When did the Roubaix SL2 SL2 come out?

The signing of Tom Boonen and the Quick-Step team in 2007 drove the development of the Roubaix SL2. It represented a step-wise improvement in the overall torsional and rear-triangle stiffness that resulted in a bike that was agile and supreme in its handling, while still being extremely vertically compliant.