Is the Arctic Cat 500 all wheel drive?

Is the Arctic Cat 500 all wheel drive?

As the model name states, the 2006 Arctic Cat 500 4×4 Automatic is and all-wheel drive ATV in the middleweight displacement class. Less experienced riders will find operating it quite easy and unintimidating as it comes with an automatic transmission: just twist the throttle and go.

How much does an Arctic Cat ATV cost?

Pr… $3,250 $3,250 2006 Arctic Cat TRV 400 4×4 Atv, Only 700 Miles, Mint! 2003 Arctic Cat 500 4×4 automatic ATV with independent suspension, 2 or 4 wheel drive selector lever, racks front and rear. four wheeler …

Which is best Arctic Cat 500 or Bombardier quest?

The Arctic Cat 500 and Bombardier Quest were the champions at picking up trailside attractions.

What does EFI do on Arctic Cat 500?

As its very name states it, the 2012 Arctic Cat 500 with EFI is is the electronic fuel injection version of the 500 Core ATV. This means better mileage, easier starting regardless of temperature and a smoother throttle feel, for increased confidence on rough terrain and an altogether pleasant ride.

What was the name of the 1998 Arctic Cat snowmobile?

Arctic Cat snowmobiles are known for redefining power-to-weight standards, and in 1998 Arctic Cat has rewritten the book with the all new ZR 500, ZR 600, and ZR 600 EFI. Named the 1998 Trail Performance Sleds of the Year by Sno West magazine, the ZR 500 and 600s have outdone the competition, once again.

What kind of clutch does Arctic Cat snowmobile have?

But Arctic Cat has gone beyond that with additions like a 2-inch deep lug track on most of the Mountain Cats and the new Arctic drive clutch and Arctic roller cam driven clutch. Arctic Cat’s FasTrack Long Travel Suspension System is one of the reasons snowmobiling feels so good on a Cat.

What kind of engine does Arctic Cat have?

Both engines are case-reed inducted with NiCaSil impregnated cylinders; and both have triple-pipe exhaust. What makes all this power even smoother and more durable than previous years is Arctic Cat’s new roller cam driven clutch and Arctic drive clutch.

What kind of front suspension does Arctic Cat use?

More of Arctic Cat’s models have received the innovative AWS V front suspension for the new year. The AWS V extruded aluminum bulkhead weighs 13 lbs. less than a steel bulkhead and is narrower, which allows longer A-arms for more travel. This front end can be found on the ZR 600, ZR 600 EEl, ZR 500, ZR 440, ZL 500.