Is the Cummins ISX engine a good engine?

Is the Cummins ISX engine a good engine?

Is The Cummins ISX A Good Engine? The engine is a workhorse but not without its issues. The Cummins ISX Engine first debuted in 2001 replacing the popular N14 Series. The Cummins N14 was a fantastic engine and beloved by diesel fans for many years.

How long does a Cummins engine last?

The Cummins brand is extremely reliable and prides itself on long-lasting engines. The 5.9-liter engine can expect to churn out 300,000 to 400,000 miles. The 6.7-liter engine ranges in the middle of that at 350,000 with no modifications and proper services.

How many miles can a Cummins ISX engine run?

Low maintenance: A Cummins ISX engine can run up to 15,000 miles between oil and filter changes. Mid-stop cylinder liners: Cylinder liners within the ISX have a strong design to allow for variations in coolant chemistry.

Are there any problems with the ISX engine?

Like any other engine with an EGR, the system can cause some problems. On the ISX, it most likely has to do with a leak in the EGR valve. This is a difficult problem to diagnose, but monitoring the coolant consumption can help. If you notice that it’s using a larger amount of coolant than normal, it’s probably worth investigating further.

What kind of valve cover does a Cummins ISX have?

The IFSM typically has a one section valve cover that is either plastic or chrome plated on older models of the Cummins ISX. The latest versions of the Cummins ISX 15 engine keep getting more fuel-efficient as the technology keeps advancing.

Why does my Cummins ISX engine flatten out?

The ISX also has a history of camshaft issues. We discussed this briefly in Cummins ISX Engine Spotlight. In short, an ISX camshaft can flatten out. This is not because of an issue with the camshaft itself, but with the rocker arms. According to Cummins, there was a production of rocker arms that prevented proper oil flow, starving the components.