Things You Need to Know about High Bandwidth and Page Speed

Things You Need to Know about High Bandwidth and Page Speed

Websites are one of the important tools for industries to gain public recognition. Regardless of the business’ nature, hundreds of websites are made. An effective way to see a direct impact in terms of revenue.

Website creation is not something very difficult to do. Since the vast majority of consumers are technology-reliant, businesses must have their own website. Something that stands out, easily operated, and effective for conversions.

Now, there are two vital elements for website management that really outwit the extreme competition as well as produce apparent revenue increase — page speed and high bandwidth hosting.

In this article, we will explore the importance of page speed and high bandwidth hosting. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Understanding Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the quantity of data that is transferable in just a matter of seconds. Bandwidth determines the speed of the network connection and impedes with the audio and image quality of a video, especially during video meetings. High bandwidth is truly an innovation that makes users satisfied since video conferences got a huge improvement.

Download and upload speed are affected if internet connection is slow. Normally, connections are set to have a faster speed for download rate than upload. This is how users load websites or stream videos in just seconds.

In order to determine the amount of data for bandwidth, a website requires these three major factors:

  • Growth plans — Companies that are into expansion in the next couple of months or years are recommended to upgrade their bandwidth packages to allow more growth without even spending additional costs for constant downtime.
  • Design — The amount of data being transferred can also be affected by how complex the website design is. It can impact the optimal performance of the website.
  • Traffic — Higher bandwidth is needed for websites with higher traffic level for a much better page performance. Also, websites with more bandwidth rate can host more visitors, thus, allowing more traffic to the website.

Things You Need to Know about High Bandwidth and Page Speed

Getting less than 500,000 visitors per year on your website does not need bandwidth increase. However, for larger companies, the correlation between page load speed and faster bandwidth hosting are important. These are the points to choose the right provider for your web hosting that will meet clients’ needs.

Page Speed vs. Page Load Speed

The term page speed refers to the duration of time a website or file media downloads from a hosting. It will then display the right web page. Page load speed, on the other hand, refers to the duration of time the whole website content of a certain URL to be displayed on a browser after clicking the link. Both have totally deep impacts when it comes to user experience and website profitability, even if they have basic concepts.

These two concepts are of utmost importance toward a business website since the algorithm used by any search engine is very specific to check page rank. Hence, page load speed is one of the contributing factors in terms of algorithm. As for this process, other users make use of cat 6 bulk cable to complement high bandwidth. What is a cat 6 bulk cable? Cat 6 bulk cable is excellent for faster networking speed and is used in different cable schemes.

Slow load speed of website pages will not rank any higher in every search engine. According to studies, one in five visitors will leave a website if it does not load in a couple of seconds. Moreover, 51% of online users will not return to the websites that have slow page load. This can affect the business as almost 50% of potential customers will move away.

Things You Need to Know about High Bandwidth and Page Speed

Choosing Ideal Hosting Services for Bandwidth

When searching for your hosting provider, be mindful of those who offer “unlimited” bandwidth services. Generally, for most companies, this isn’t that needed. Rather, talk with a customer service from the hosting service you desired in your area.

They are professionals and experts in the field. They can provide you basic calculations that determine the bandwidth level required for an ultimate website performance and page load speed. That being said, selecting a hosting provider for bandwidth service is a matter of finding services that provide the much needed bandwidth amount.


High and stable bandwidth is truly necessary to achieve a better performing website. It serves as a portal to your potential clients that will possibly turn into revenue. Choosing the right hosting provider plays a huge role in this aspect as they will be providing you the best bandwidth services possible.

Take note that a slow website won’t do any good to your business — customers will definitely look for other available options that’s way faster.

Business is business, hence it is important to invest on something that can bring positive and effective impact.