Top CBD Hemp Flower Strains and Golden Sour

Top CBD Hemp Flower Strains and Golden Sour

Farmers must be able to get high-quality strains for a more productive harvest. According to, more harvests mean that they can choose from many hemp buds that they can convert into CBD oil and other products.

Some of them may choose to get the seeds of some varieties of flowers to have a successful year. Here are some of the most preferred seed sources that growers may prefer to ensure viability.

Popular Choices for Farmers

Golden Sour

The golden soul comes from two parent strains called sour diesel and golden goat. These hemp flowers, which you can know more about when you visit their link here, are more on the spectrum of Cannabis sativa. Most commonly, the cannabinoid profile consists of less than 0.3% THC and about 20% CBD. The dense green buds may be nurtured indoors to produce a diesel-like aroma. What you can expect is the flavors of sour citrus and a slightly bitter gassiness that users crave.

Berry Blossoms

The massive variety of flowers in berry blossoms are a favorite for many farmers, and for a good reason. There’s structural integrity in the Berry Blossom that results in super productive buds. This is a great plant when one is into large-scale production. Their berry blossoms are selective breeds in Chardonnay and Cherry Kandahar, and this is why the plant holds well even in harsh weather conditions. Smokers of these flowers will love combining the two, and they may never get enough of the berry blossoms.


Elektra is produced by crossing Early Resin Berry and ACDC. This is a CBD-dominant cross, and the orange and light green buds are always full of flavors. Users can expect tasting chocolate, citrus, and red wine, which makes this specific strain stand out from others. The seed lines are the best because the ACDC has paved the way for hemp production in the US. The stalks are fuller, healthier, and have more flowers that bloom early.

Charlotte’s Web

This is a cultivar bred explicitly in Colorado by the Stanley Brothers, and it’s known for its high CBD content and low THC levels. Know more about CBD cultivars on this site here: The company, Charlotte’s Web, used the proprietary and unique genetics of this variety to treat various medical conditions. In general, the overall effect is not intoxicating. It even led to positive results when used in a young girl called Charlotte Figi, who’s had a rare seizure disorder.


These are reliable and tested strains that can deliver high yields of flowers that contain a lot of terpenes and CBD. This is a cultivar created after cross-breeding early resin buds and Suver Haze in Oregon. The overall aroma has a hint of little fuel and cheese. The plant’s high yields and the richness in terpenes made this variety a most welcomed bush in the cannabis industry.

These are just some of the few recommended suggestions and options available to explore. The other varieties can be beneficial depending on the market and intended use. Many growers may breed newer species if it’s for medical research.

Hemp producers like Kurtz have even tried producing over 20 varieties of hemp strains but settle on 10. Some of them depended on the consumers’ response, and newer favorites like Sour Candy, Elektra, Canna Tsu, Sour Space, Abacus, and Original Cherry have emerged.

The smokable hemp market is always looking for newer breeds, tastes, flavors, and sensations to explore, so it’s not surprising that there are simply too many customers for them out there.

A Look into Hemp’s Potential

Top CBD Hemp Flower Strains and Golden Sour

The legality and studies about CBD and its medicinal purposes are growing. The results look promising, and the traditional sales of smokable flowers are rapidly increasing. Those who are particularly fond of marijuana can instead choose hemp as their awareness of getting no side effects afterward is rising.

The steady demand for CBD products also makes other growers more careful and selective in the hemp plants they wanted to grow. Some are encouraged to get the best breeds possible, ensuring a farmers‘ profit and popularity as a supplier. The new form of consuming CBD results in having a higher demand that benefits many users.