What does the ambient air temperature sensor connect to?

What does the ambient air temperature sensor connect to?

An Ambient Air Temperature Sensor measures the temperature of the air outside of the vehicle. Temperature sensors are typically two wire sensors; a signal wire that is connected to an AVI, and a signal ground wire.

How does an ambient air temperature sensor work?

The ambient (ATC) or outside air temperature sensor is an (NTC) negative temperature coefficient sensor that informs the semiautomatic/automatic temperature control system of outside air temperature. The NTC sensor’s resistance decreases as the outside air temperature increases.

Where is the ambient temperature sensor on a Freightliner M2?

Looking for air Conditioning fuse for 2012 Freightliner M2. Having issues with locating the ambient temperature sensor, not the outside temperature sensor but the ambient. It’s not in the driver’s mirror and … read more

Where is the ambient temp sensor on my truck?

Thanks for any suggestions. there are few ambient air sensors in the truck. behind of bumper passenger side, in MCM, in ACM and one on frame (behind of drive axles, plastic sensor ziptie-d to air lines)..my truck is 2012 my. 2014 my had a sensor in mirror . Oldironfan Thanks this.

What should the temp be on a Freightliner?

Temp would still read up in the 160* range and would work its way up to 200*, which would then set a fault in the ECM. Checked again with a different Freightliner in Grand Junction, CO, and they had to do a little bit of some digging to find the correct one.

What is the fault code on a Freightliner M2?

Freightliner m2 codes spn 191 fmi 9 and spn 84 fmi 9. Check engine and no trans comes on and truck goes into neutral and won’t move forward or in … read more i have a 2012 Freightliner M2 106 with a cummings Isb that had a bad doser. I replaced now I have a new code spn 5246 … read more I have fault code: 249 pid:171 fmi:3. Scanner said Ambient