What is a fro 16210C transmission?

What is a fro 16210C transmission?

FRO-16210C Eaton Fuller Transmission The Eaton Fuller FRO-16210C for sale is a 10-speed Manual transmission. FRO-16210C is ideal for vocational fleets currently operating eaton manual transmissions and considering an automated transmission.

What oil goes in Eaton Fuller transmission?

Eaton Fuller transmissions are designed so the internal parts operate in a bath of lubricant circulated by the motion of gears and shafts. Thus, all parts will be amply lubricated if these procedures are closely followed: Use Roadranger CD50 or equivalent E500 synthetic per Eaton publication TCMT-0021.

What oil does a Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission take?

Subject: RE: What type of oil to use in Fuller 10 speed transmission? Farmboy99 is correct! Put the 50 weight synthetic in. The 80w-90 gear oil is too thick of a viscosity for that particular transmission especially in colder climates.

How much oil does a Eaton Fuller transmission hold?

28 pints [13.3 liters].

Where can I find the Eaton transmission service manual?

Eaton FRO-16210C Transmission Service Manual ready to view, download and save for your use. It will help you troubleshot and diagnose your Eaton transmission. Eaton FRO-16210C Transmission Service Manual | e Pro Gear You will find the Eaton FRO-16210C Transmission service manual below.

What causes transmission to walk apart in Eaton Fuller?

Tapered or worn clutching teeth will try to “walk” apart as the gears rotate. Under the right conditions, slipout will result. Some of these conditions are: Transmission mounted eccentrically with engine flywheel pilot. Excessive gear clashing which shortens clutching teeth.

What causes hard shifting on an Eaton transmission?

Linkage problems stem from worn connections or bushings, binding, improper adjustment, lack of lubrication on the joints or an obstruction which restricts free movement. To determine if the transmission itself is the cause of hard shifting, remove the shift lever or linkage from the top of the transmission.

What causes a howling sound in a Eaton transmission?

It is caused by bearings with damaged balls or rollers, or with pitted and spalled raceways. Cracked Gear – A gear cracked or broken by shock loading or by pressing on shaft during installation will produce this sound at low speeds. At high speeds a howl will be present.