What is the blue air line on a tractor trailer?

What is the blue air line on a tractor trailer?

The blue line is the air line for the trailer’s service brake. Connect these lines to the corresponding couplers and socket on the trailer before moving the trailer. We recommend starting with the blue line since it is the farthest away.

What is the primary air brake system?

brakes on the front axle (and possibly one rear axle). Both systems supply air to the trailer (if there is one). The first system is called the “primary” system. The other is called the “secondary” system.

What are the maximum leakage rates for an air brake system?

What are the maximum leakage rates? Less than four psi in one minute for single vehicles and less than eight psi in one minute for combination vehicles. Less than two psi in one minute for single vehicles and less than three psi in one minute for combination vehicles.

What color is the tractor air supply valve?

It is a circular orange knob. On newer vehicles, the trailer air supply control is an eight-sided red knob. It’s used to control the tractor protection valve.

Why should you connect the air hose couplers together?

The connection also allows the joint to move, meaning less kinking and twisting of the hose, better suited for a busy workplace, to keep the area safe.

What are spring brakes held back by?

When driving, powerful springs are held back by air pressure. If the air pressure is removed, the springs put on the brakes. A parking brake control in the cab allows the driver to let the air out of the spring brakes.

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What is the difference between primary and secondary air tanks?

It is a slip system so if you have a massive leak in one system, you still have pressure in the other for your brakes. Primary is normally only your rear brakes and secondary is usually your front brakes and all your accessories. Usually axillary stuff is plumed from the secondary system. tommymonza, BoxCarKidd, SAR and 1 other person Thank this.

Is there a secondary air problem in my truck?

Also I hear pretty good and don’t hear any other leaks when truck is parked. When driving the truck Primary air stays right at 125 doesn’t move unless braking then builds right back up and stays right on money.

What to do if you have a secondary air problem?

Having said that, the way to solve the problem is as you have, spray the whole system with soapy water and check again. Spray down everywhere not just connectionns, wet the hose and the tanks, wet down the connections in your air seat as well as the hoses.