What kind of FMI does a 2012 Mack truck have?

What kind of FMI does a 2012 Mack truck have?

Hi , I have a 2012 Mack with an MP7 . It has an SPN 5246 FMI 0 codes and the truck is on de-rate . Mechanic’s Assistant: Sometimes things that you think will be really complicated end up being easy to fix. The Heavy Truck Mechanic I’m going to connect you with knows all the tricks and shortcuts.

What is the SPN for a Mack truck?

It has an SPN 5246 FMI 0 codes and the truck is on de-rate. We’ve replaced the DEF pump Have truck repair questions? Ask an Expert By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them.

Is there a SPN fault in md128pid 98?

ECM SPN 98, EngineOilLevel-MD128PID 98 Type of fault: FMIDescription: FaultCondition: Possible Symptoms: PossibleCause: FMI1 Data valid but above°Critically below normal operational range range °RedStopor

What’s the SCR code on a Mack truck?

I was told it had a code of ( SPN:5246 FMI:16 ) ( SCR system fault detected – Warning fault – Engine derate) at one time which i understand to be a derate to 55mph with a SCR issue.

How is the SCR system on a Mack truck?

The truck has at this time, ( SPN:5246 FMI:0 ) ( Severe SCR system fault detected – Severe engine derate to 5MPH) currently with ( SPN:5394 FMI:5 ) (Aftertreatment DEF doser and/or Aftertreatment DEF dosing pump assembly) & NOx Sensors Reading to high.

Is the 5246 fault an inducement fault?

The 5246 is an inducement fault. This is just an indicating fault that states that a derate is present. Just like the 4094 fault. In order for this fault to go inactive the system must go thru an evaluation process. This consist of the ecm seeing that the outlet nox is dropping down to a proper level during and after a regen is over with.

What should Def Pressure be on a Mack truck?

Make sure your t2 and t3 are running around 850+, make sure your def pressure is staying around 130 and not dropping out. Then the biggest thing is outlet nox, You will not be able to view inlet nox on this truck. We used to be able to years ago and they took that function out.

When do I need to replace my NoX sensor?

Title (customer effect) Selective Catalytic Reduction ( SCR ) Efficiency And NOx Sensor Codes P225C, P225E, P221A, P2201, P103C, P20EE, And P207F : NOx Sensor Diagnostic Information TO BE USED BEFORE SENSOR REPLACEMENT – OBD13 And Newer Emissions (Commonly Model Year 2014 And Newer)

Are there active codes for fmi-17 and spn-4094?

Active codes SPN-4094 FMI-18 and SPN-5394 FMI-17. Did all the DEF doser test and all good. replaced both NOX sensor with newest sensor, updated software in engine and SCR ECM’s and did crystal sub regen and a regular regen, all OK. I do about 1 a week of these.

What is the fault code for a Cummins truck?

This fault is related to the “SCR Inducement” which is what regulates your truck to this derate. Information – Aftertreatment SCR Operator Inducement – Data Valid But Above Normal Operating Range – Most Severe Level. Critical SCR related fault codes have been active for an extended period of time and require immediate attention.