What should I do about my Chevy Cobalt power steering?

What should I do about my Chevy Cobalt power steering?

Chevy Cobalt 2005 Power steering – Maintenance/Repairs – Car Talk Community The power steering fault keeps coming on turning the electrical power assist off. I have to restart the car to get it to work again. The dealer wants 1,100.00 to replace the steering coulumn. Only 40,000 miles on car . …

Is there a recall on my 2005 Cobalt?

Received recall notice for my 2005 Cobalt sedan(71,000 miles), in March of 2010. The recall was related to the electric power steering unit. The electric motor thought to be the problem was replaced free of charge by local dealer, no problems with steering up to that point.

What to do if your steering column does not reappear?

If they reappear, look for a communication issue from the BCM U2107 or ECM U2105 (wiring, connector, etc.) as the root cause. If the codes do not reappear after a test drive, return the vehicle back to the customer and DO NOT replace the steering column.

What causes power steering warning message on DTC c0176?

Power Steering Warning Message on DIC with DTCs C0176 and C0476 This condition is often the result of excessive lock-to-lock turns of the steering wheel, causing the thermal protection in the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) to take the steering motor temporarily off line. This is a normal operating characteristic of the system.

Is the Chevy Cobalt a reliable car?

Overall: The Cobalt is neither the most reliable, nor the most comfortable small car, but a used Chevrolet Cobalt is cheap. Something like Honda Civic, Mazda 3 or Mitsubishi Lancer might be a better choice, but if you look at the prices, these cars are much more expensive.

Is the Chevy Colbalt discontinued?

Q: Was the Chevrolet Cobalt discontinued? A: Yes, the Chevrolet Cobalt’s last model year was 2010 before it was replaced by the Chevrolet Cruze. Q: What is the difference between the Chevrolet Cobalt coupe and sedan?

Is the Chevy Cobalt SS any good?

The naturally aspirated Cobalt SS has been seen as an improvement over the base models with its slightly more potent 2.4 L engine, but notably inferior to the supercharged car. Combined with the flexible engine, and especially considering the price, this is a really fine effort, a good package for a front-drive car.