Where is the transmission fill port on a Honda Accord?

Where is the transmission fill port on a Honda Accord?

Step 13. Open your Accord’s hood and locate the fill port at the top of your transmission. On the 2004 Honda Accord, the transmission is located closer to the driver’s side of the car near the windshield.

When to change the transmission fluid in a 2004 Honda Accord?

The transmission fluid in your 2004 Honda Accord should be changed about every 50,000 miles for optimum transmission performance. Allowing the old fluid to go far beyond this 50,000 mile-mark could create problems within the transmission system, as old transmission fluid becomes thick, sticky and corrosive.

How big is the drain plug on a Honda Accord?

The drain plug has a 3/8-inch drive square hole in the middle of it. The square end of a 3/8-inch drive ratchet will fit into the square hole of the drain plug. Turn the drain plug counter-clockwise with a 3/8-inch drive ratchet until the plug is loose. Remove the ratchet from the drain plug and finish unscrewing the plug with your fingers.

How to check the transmission fluid in a Honda?

1 Drain out the old transmission fluid. 2 Clean the drain plug magnet 3 Add three quarts of genuine Honda transmission fluid. 4 Check transmission fluid level with engine off.

What do you need to refill transmission fluid in Honda Accord?

You will need 17mm socket, on a long extension, with either a ratchet or a breaker bar to loosen it. The bolt has an aluminum washer. The DRAIN bolt is on the lower-left side of the tranny. All you need is a 3/8″ drive ratchet or (short) pull handle to loosen it.

Where is the filler bolt on a Honda Accord?

The Haynes Manual shows a picture of the “manual transaxle” and the drain plug and filler bolt. The filler bolt seems to be right above the drain plug. I’ll crawl under the car today and look at it so I know more what I am talking about.

What kind of wrench do I need for Honda Accord?

If you do, you may be booking a transmission job! Materials: 3/8 square wrench (a 3/8 th ratchet or breaker bar will do), drain pan, Honda ATF DW-1 (for 4cyl models: 3quarts, got 4 quarts just to be safe, but still ended up using 3 anyway. Capacity for V6 models is 3.1 quarts), support stands, funnel, and hand protection.

Can you do an ATF change on a Honda Accord?

A word of warning, especially for those of us in Nigeria; Honda automatic transmissions are quite selective of ATF’s so don’t go pouring ABRO, Seahorse etc. down there. If you do, you may be booking a transmission job!