Who is the CEO of Pentland Group?

Who is the CEO of Pentland Group?

Andrew M. (Andy) Long (Jan 1, 2015–)
Pentland Group/CEO

How much is the Pentland Group worth?

With annual sales of $6.4 billion, Pentland Group is headquartered in the UK and the Group employs more than 50,000 people.

What companies do Pentland Group own?

Its core business, Pentland Brands, manages a portfolio of owned brands including Speedo, Berghaus, Canterbury, Mitre and KangaROOS; Lacoste and Ted Baker as licensed brands for global footwear, and Kickers as a licensed brand for the UK.

Who owns Pentland?

Stephen Rubin
Stephen Rubin is the chairman of Pentland Group, one of the U.K.’s largest sports apparel companies. Rubin owns an estimated 49% of Pentland, which owns brands like Speedo and Berghaus and a majority stake in publicly-traded JD Sports Fashion. His parents started Pentland in 1932 as a shoe wholesaler.

How much is Stephen Rubin worth?

4.5 billion USD (2021)
Stephen Rubin/Net worth

Is size owned by JD?

JD Sports, which owns Blacks, Millets, Size and Go Outdoors, has 30,292 staff across 2,400 stores in 18 countries.

Who is the owner of JD Sport?

Pentland Group
JD Sports/Parent organizations

Is Endura a Scottish company?

Endura was founded in Scotland in 1993 with a no-nonsense commitment to advancing the performance and function of cycle apparel for all.

Where is Endura based?

Founded and based in Scotland, Endura is worn by the world’s top road, mountain bike and triathlon teams and riders. It continues to bring disruptive innovations to the market; advancing the performance, function and durability of cycle apparel for all.

Does Sports Direct Own JD?

JD Sports and Sports Direct are known rivals and their parent companies own most of Britain’s high streets. While both sell many of the same brands, there are marked differences in the companies’ focuses, with JD Sports selling sports-fashion and Sports Direct selling sports equipment and clothing.

What shops are owned by JD?

The Company’s sports fashion brands include JD, Size?, Footpatrol, Finish Line, Shorpalaca, DTLR Villa, Livestock, Sprinter, Sports Zone, Chausport, Sizeer, JD Gyms, Tessuti, Scotts and Mainline. Its outdoor brands include Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors, Tiso, Go Outdoors, Go Fishing and Naylors.

Who are the owners of the Pentland Group?

Based in Finchley, north London, it is owned by Stephen Rubin and family. In 2007, it had sales of £973 million, making it the 42nd largest private company in the United Kingdom . The Group’s brand management division, Pentland Brands, now comprises a portfolio of brands covering sports, outdoor and fashion.

When did Pentland acquire a stake in Reebok?

We acquire a 55.5% stake in Reebok USA Ltd Inc for $77,500. The combined Reebok businesses are floated on the US Stock Exchange in 1985. Pentland is appointed as the UK Distributor for Ellesse & Kickers. Pentland Industries Ltd changes its name to Pentland Group.

What was the turnover of Pentland in 1983?

By 1983/84, Reebok accounted for 70% of Pentland’s turnover. Pentland’s shares rose from GB£ 0.55 at the start of 1984 to GB£ 3 by the end of the year, and up to GB£ 10 in June 1985, while profits rose from GB£ 1 million in 1983 to GB£ 12.9 million in 1985.

Who is the chair of in Kind Direct?

Teresa is actively involved in a number of charities in the UK and has been a Trustee of In Kind Direct since 2010 and Chair since 2017. Teresa is a Senior Associate of Quarto Advisors, an international retail consultancy. Teresa was formerly CEO of Style Group brands, one of the leading British Fashion Houses.