Why is the Sathorn Unique Tower abandoned?

Why is the Sathorn Unique Tower abandoned?

Sathorn Unique Building That was until this massive construction project was suddenly abandoned due to the collapse of the Thai Baht during Asia’s 1997 Financial Crisis. Left to rot in neglect, the unfinished skyscraper eventually became a home for drug addicts, homeless vagrants, and wild dogs.

Why Ghost Tower Bangkok is abandoned?

The Sathorn Unique skyscraper in Bangkok, Thailand, has been abandoned since construction came to a halt after the Asian financial crisis in 1997. Much of the structure is crumbling and full of debris, but the roof provides impressive views of Bangkok. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

How do you climb the Sathorn Unique Tower?

The easiest way to get to the Sathorn Unique is via the BTS (sky train). Take the Silom line to Saphan Taksin and the building is clearly visible from the station, just a couple of minutes walk away. The entrance is from the side road on the left of the building when you face it.

Where can you find this unique tower?

Location, design and status. Sathorn Unique Tower is off Charoen Krung Road, between Sois 51 and 53, in Bangkok’s Sathon District. It sits roughly opposite Wat Yan Nawa and is near the end of Sathon Road, where Taksin Bridge and the Saphan Taksin Station of the BTS Skytrain are located.

Where was Sathorn Unique Tower supposed to be?

Sathorn Unique Tower. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Sathorn Unique Tower is an unfinished skyscraper in the Thai capital city of Bangkok. Planned as a high-rise condominium complex, construction of the building was halted during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, when it was already about 80 percent complete.

What was Sathorn Unique supposed to do in Bangkok?

Sathorn Unique was supposed to house luxury condominiums on par with the rest of Bangkok’s skyline. Other buildings in Bangkok. It was supposed to have 659 residential units and 54 retails, according to Atlas Obscura. It’s become a different kind of attraction, one that draws urban explorers from around the world.

What’s the name of the abandoned skyscraper in Bangkok?

Instead, it became an eerie, abandoned skyscraper known as the “Ghost Tower,” drawing urban explorers from around the world. The building is surrounded by a fence with signs warning that trespassers will be prosecuted, but that hasn’t stopped people whose curiosity gets the better of them.

What was the cause of death of Sathorn Tower?

The cause of death was determined to be suicide, though the news prompted discussion regarding the safety and security of the building.