Why will my dump trailer not go down?

Why will my dump trailer not go down?

If Battery Voltage is low trailer will go up but wil not come down even with pump motor running. Recheck the battery state of charge before assuming the pump on your dump trailer is bad. Check all small wires and make sure they are connected to the small fluid control solenoids.

How do you bleed air from a hydraulic dump trailer?

Put the body up lever in the center/hold position. If your dump truck hydraulic cylinder has an outside bleeder valve, crack the valve open. If the bleeder valve is located on top of the cylinder, use a wrench to remove the dog box cover and move it to the inside of the dump body, then crack the bleeder valve open.

How much hydraulic fluid goes in a dump trailer?

Dump trucks move a large volume of oil (I think your reservoir will hold around 20 to 30 gallons) with each lift/lower cycle, which also moves a large volume of air into, and out of the reservoir. The “scissor lift” uses just one cylinder to push the trailer up to its dumping angle.

What should I do if my hydraulic pump is not working?

Use a solvent then blow dry with an air hose. Varnish deposited in the wire mesh may be restricting the oil flow but may be almost invisible. If you find varnish deposits on internal surfaces of pumps or valves, the system is operating at too high a temperature. A heat exchanger should be added. b.

Why is my hydraulic lift not working on my Ford 3000?

If that is the case inspect the diverter valve under the seat for position. If the valve set to three point only and the three point does not function, I would suspect the internal cylinder in the housing with the rock shaft.

What should I do if my pump inlet strainer is not working?

If cleaning the pump inlet strainer does not correct the trouble, isolate the pump and relief valve from the rest of the system by disconnecting the plumbing at Point B and capping both ends of the disconnected lines. This deadheads the pump into the relief valve.

Which is the correct hydraulic pump for a Ford 3000?

The C5NN600A pump kit Yesterday’s Tractor sent you is the correct pump part number for a Ford 3000 tractor. Your hydraulic pump has been swapped out somewhere in its past, which is not uncommon. I would contact YT and explain your situation. They can probably cross-reference to find the correct kit for you.