Are QoR watercolors good?

Are QoR watercolors good?

Qor Watercolors are wonderful artist grade paints, I personally purchased all 3 intro sets of 6 and the 24 set and Golden sent me 6 large tubes of my choosing. If you want to start with a small set that I feel represents the uniqueness of the line try the high chroma set, the intense colors will knock your socks off!

Are QoR watercolors granulating?

This paint does not tend to granulate. Golden brown, transparent, and granulating, QoR Transparent Yellow Oxide offers a clear neutralized yellow (tan) in thin washes and a warm glowing yellowish brown when applied with less dilution. Depending upon application, the granulation may range from moderate to very fine.

How many QoR watercolors are there?

Modern Watercolors. QoR provides the subtlety, transparency and flow of a great watercolor, with colors that have as much vibrancy and fire as the best acrylic or oil paint. Choose from 83 high-intensity colors, including three Iridescent colors.

Are QoR watercolors toxic?

QoR Watercolors conform to ASTM D 4236, which means they have been certified in a program of toxicological review to contain no material in sufficient quantity to be toxic or injurious to health.

Is QoR an artist grade?

Overview of QoR: Artist grade quality. A possibility for watercolorist who want bold, quick coverage. One of the most expensive watercolors on the market. Works well on a variety of papers.

Are QoR watercolors lightfast?

Qor watercolors are made by Golden, the company well loved for their acrylic paints. They make some of the most unique and lightfast watercolors available.

Is cerulean blue toxic?

Use any brush suitable for water-based paint. Once dry Ceracolors can be used in encaustic technique, allowing further sculpting and manipulation of the paint. The ingredients in Ceracolors are found in food and cosmetics so they are not considered to be toxic.

Are QOR watercolors lightfast?

Is quinacridone magenta lightfast?

A series of organic color pigment used in printing inks. Quinacridone Magenta Y is a bright blue red possessing high lightfastness, and resistance to acids, alkalis, soap, water, and heat.

Is Dioxazine purple lightfast?

Graham is a trusted brand and their testing gives it a lightfast rating of II. So I suggest you evaluate it and see if it is a color you want to add to your palette. Dioxazine Purple is one of the bluest shades of violet I tested. But even so it is a violet, therefore falls between red and blue.

How many colors are in QOR modern watercolor?

QoR Modern Watercolor is the official name, and QoR currently offers 83 colors that include three iridescents, two whites, two blacks, and three grays. If my count is correct, 59 of the colors are single pigment. QoR is produced by Golden Artist Colors, a paint company started back in 1980.

Who is the company that makes QOR paint?

QoR is produced by Golden Artist Colors, a paint company started back in 1980. According to Golden’s website, the company was begun by 67-year-old Sam Golden in a 900 square foot cow barn in the countryside of New Berlin, NY. So yeah, Golden paints were literally born in a barn.

Are there brighteners or fillers in QOR paint?

QoR: “QoR does not contain brighteners or fillers, although some pigments when used in concentration can appear chalky (such as PV15, not one of the paints you tested). The sizing on a paper may impact how vibrant color appears when dry…”