Does Bengawan Solo have delivery?

Does Bengawan Solo have delivery?

Available for delivery with normal time slots only. Special time slot requests will be charged accordingly.

How much is Bengawan Solo Pandan?

Kueh Lapis $2.20 / Slice $52.00 / Medium $65.00 / Large Prune Lapis $2.40 / Slice $58.00 / Medium $73.00 / Large Pandan Chiffon $1.60 / Slice $16.50 / Regular
Pandan Cheese Roll $1.70 / Slice $9.50 / Whole Lapis Surabaya (S) $1.60 / Slice $9.80 / Regular Cranberry Lapis $2.40 / Slice $58.00 / Medium $73.00 / Large

What is special about Bengawan Solo?

Bengawan Solo is one of Singapore’s most successful bakery chains, having built its reputation on the quality of its popular nonya (Peranakan)-style cakes and pastries. Founded by Anastasia Tjendri-Liew in 1979, the company has grown from a single shop to a chain of over 40 outlets.

Is Bengawan Solo halal certified?

Re: Is Bengawan solo Halal? It’s not halal as some of their products have rum as one of the ingredients.

Who owns Bengawan Solo?

Anastasia Tjendri-Liew
Anastasia Tjendri-Liew (b. 1947, Bangka Island, Indonesia–) is the founder and managing director of Bengawan Solo, one of Singapore’s most successful bakery chains.

How much does half kg cake cost?

Black Forest Cake Half Kg, Order Online Cakes Price Rs. 595 | IGP Cakes|

How long can pandan cake last?

2 to 3 days
Pandan chiffon cake will keep well at room temperature for 2 to 3 days, including the day it is baked. Due to the coconut milk content, this cake is best kept in an air-tight container and chilled to extend its freshness.

What does Bengawan Solo sell?

With our emphasis on premium quality, mouthwatering products, Bengawan Solo offers a wide range of delectable kueh, cookies, tarts and other savouries to choose from.

Who is the owner of Bengawan Solo?

Tjendri Anastasia
Bengawan Solo was founded in 1979 by Tjendri Anastasia, originally from Indonesia. Anastasia came to Singapore where she met her husband, Johnson Liew. After getting married, Anastasia’s interest in Indonesian delicacies continued in the little home kitchen of her HDB flat.

Is Bengawan Solo a family business?

She hopes that Bengawan Solo will continue as a family business through the generated and become an international renowned brand. Mrs Liew takes pride in what she does and make sure that her products are of good quality since day one.

What is the meaning of Bengawan?

river (large stream which drains a landmass)

How much does a Bengawan Solo cake cost?

Bengawan Solo cakes are delivered once an order is set and full payment is made. Delivery fees for deliveries from 9am to 6pm are determined by your order value – $15 for cakes worth $101-$149.99, $20 for cakes worth $50-$100.99, and $25 for those less than $50.

How does Bengawan Solo do their customer service?

Bengawan Solo offers excellent customer service and considers customer input when preparing the cakes. They listen to customer calls and go through the emails to enable them to know where improvements can be made or what new things can be tried. Bengawan Solo cakes are delivered once an order is set and full payment is made.

When does Bengawan Solo deliver in Marina Bay?

The exact time of delivery cannot be fixed but Bengawan Solo will endeavour to deliver within the selected delivery timing as follows: Marina Bay Sands & restricted airline and cargo areas such as Airport Cargo Complex and Airline Road. between 9am – 8pm. E.g. Between 9-10am. Free delivery will not be applicable during festive periods.