How does the Cummins grid heater work?

How does the Cummins grid heater work?

Cummins uses a heating grid located on the intake manifold. The heater grid heats the air as it passes over the grid. Both glow plugs and heater grids will cycle even after the engine is running until a predertmined temp is reached.

Why do people do a grid heater delete?

The heater grid is not a particularly restrictive device, although it can be removed in favor of increased airflow, less air turbulence, and therefore the potential for more power. A heater grid delete is a machined or cast spacer designed to replace the heater grid between the intake manifold and air horn.

What is a grid heater relay?

The Heater Grid Relays are switches that open and close circuits electronically. The Heater Grid Relay controls one electrical circuit used to power the engine Heater Grid. The heater grid relay controls the opening and closing contacts in this circuit to activate the operation of the heater grid.

What should coolant temp be on Dodge Ram?

As most of the country we got really cold & once again my heater was not blowing hot air. Coolant temp was bouncing between 185-210. Truck is a 2016 2500 with just over 50k on the 6.4.

Why is my Dodge Ram not blowing hot air?

If they are both hot the truck should be blowing hot air. You would have a problem with the temp blend door inside the dash. If the hose coming out is not as hot (cooler). Then you have a heater core problem. Sometimes flushing it can help. If the hose going in is cool then you have a water pump/thermostat problem. Burla likes this.

Why does my Ram heater not turn on?

You can’t post conmments that contain an email address. the problem is caused by the motor that operates the air temp blend door motor in the heating ducts, it blends air between AC and heater core tro give desired outlet temp. You can’t post conmments that contain an email address.

Where are the bleeder valves on a ram heater?

Most of the time one will find small BRASS Bleeder Valves located somewhere near the highest point. Open each one while the system is pressurized and let Air escape until some Coolant escapes.