How many horsepower does a Volvo D13 have?

How many horsepower does a Volvo D13 have?

Engine Brake Rating at 2200 rpm 500 hp @ 2200 rpm Engine Brake Rating at 1500 rpm 350 hp @ 1500 rpm Engine Brake Weight, lbs. (kg) 25 (12) PTO Port for Live Rear PTO Pump or Shaft Standard on VHD Preheater, Electrical Optional * Application at 6 mpg or greater.

What kind of catalyst does a Volvo D13 use?

The use of Cu-Z catalyst coatings improves both low-temperature NOx conversion, and long-term system robustness. D13 drivetrain recommendations It is critical to specify the truck properly to achieve maximum fuel economy and performance. Ask your salesman to help you choose a rear axle ratio appropriate for your expected cruising

What kind of lube does a Volvo D13 use?

Total Lube Oil Capacity, qts. (L) 38 (36) Oil Filtration Two Full Flow, One Bypass Oil Drain Interval, Normal Service, miles (km) 55,000 (88,514)* Oil Specification Volvo VDS-4.5, SAE 10W-30 FLOCS Oil Drain Kit Optional Engine Equipment: Air Compressor, CFM Two Cylinder, 31.8 Retarder Volvo Engine Brake (VEB)

What kind of PTO port does a Volvo truck have?

PTO Port for Live Rear PTO Pump or Shaft Standard on VHD Preheater, Electrical Optional * Application at 6 mpg or greater. 3 Specifications Advertised Power, HP 375

What kind of engine does a Volvo truck have?

Driving Progress VOLVO D13 Engine family VOLVO D13 Engine family Volvo Trucks. Driving Progress 2 All the power your job needs. Just like the entire Volvo engine family, the D13 is designed to produce the power needed for your specific application, the fuel economy crucial to your bottom line, and the reliability your customers demand.

Why does my Volvo D13 engine keep cutting out?

Salt and corrosion is most likely the cause as the trucks that have this problem mainly works in coastal regions. Please train your truck wash people not to spray high pressure wash directly at the electronics and sensors in the engine bay and keep your sensor connectors under a watchful eye.

What kind of truck is the Volvo VNL 400?

OUR VNL 400 is a versatile and affordable flat-roof sleeper tractor, the VNL 400 is especially well-suited for the unique demands of long-distance bulk haul and specialty applications. OUR VNL 740 is all about efficiency – designed to make the most out of every drop of fuel.

What kind of valves does a Volvo D12 use?

Late D12 got twin coil injectors, that are not reparable, like on D12 engines and when you change it, you can change injector calibration with VCADs pro only. Not all, Volvo use two EGR valves, that twice more expencive then cummins EGR, but good news, you can fit cummins EGR in Volvo EGR core. The best news of D12.

Where can I buy a 2005 Volvo D12?

2005 Volvo D12 used diesel engine for sale. 465 HP, running engine, tested and inspected with warranty. Call or visit our website for more info. 2005 Volvo D12 used diesel engine for sale. Tested and inspected with 90 day warranty.Call for more info.

What is Turbo Compounding on a Volvo D13?

D13TC, or Turbo Compounding, captures and harnesses the energy that other engines might burn through the exhaust. It’s great for applications that operate primarily at cruise speeds. Friction is often lost in other engines, as well, impacting the overall power and efficiency.

Do you regret buying a Volvo D12 motor?

I have had numerous injector problems and/or EGR valve problems. I have had my truck repaired probably at least 8 – 10 times on just these problems. And to get an injector replaced will probably cost $1700 – 2000. It has cost me in work and hotel expenses. I wish I would have gotten a truck with either a Cummins or Detroit motor.

How much does a used Volvo d13j cost?

Selling a used Volvo D13 bare engine block. Bare is raw no liners anything. Block is ready to be built numbers are D13-909116. Asking $1200 2014 Volvo D13J used diesel engine for sale . 425 HP, tested and inspected with warranty!

Is there a 2015 Volvo Heavy duty truck for sale?

Bummer, zero Trucks found. Save this search and opt-in to get an email when new matching Trucks are listed. You might like these other VOLVO Trucks. 2016 VOLVO, VNL64T780, Heavy Duty Trucks – Conventional Trucks w/ Sleeper, VOLVO , , 1 OWNER, 2016 VOLVO 780, D13 455 1750TQ, I SHIFT, WORK STATION TA…

What should I do about my Volvo D13 starting issue?

Click to expand… Has putting the two o-rings helped? have you noticed them lasting longer? Cause the issue is that the return fuel gets aerated, your suppose to also turn the injector back and forth before torquing it now, I’ve even tried doing final torque 120 degrees instead of 90 and that didn’t help.

When did I replace the fuel filter in my Volvo D13?

I replaced the water separator filter got some black flakes in there and also the other fuel filter us new.but I have a feeling after filling it up will have the same problem . Dealer has concer about my injectors and cups with was replaced this year in March . I will appreciate any advice .

Where can I get a Volvo drivers manual?

We offer additional resources you need to know your truck — and the road ahead. Below are the most common resources Volvo customers purchase. Get the drivers manual that’s specific to your truck.

What kind of diagnostic software does Volvo use?

TDS is our quick and easy-to-use PC-based diagnostics software solution for the diagnosis and maintenance of US07, US10, or US13 Model Volvo trucks. Interested in receiving the PTT diagnostic monthly newsletter and notifications?