How much torque does a D13 have?

How much torque does a D13 have?

With 455 hp on tap and 1,850 lb-ft of torque at less than 1,000 rpm, it is designed to be both powerful and very efficient. The technology has been used in European Volvos for years, and now it comes to the U.S. for model year 2017.

Is 400nm of torque good?

Large engines, both petrol and diesel, are inherently high torque. But some of the latest small turbo petrol engines are surprisingly strong, too. It’s worth noting that engines producing much more than 400 Nm (295 lb/ft) of torque, whether petrol or diesel, are usually at their best teamed with an automatic gearbox.

How much torque does a Volvo D13 have?

XE Specifications Volvo D13 XE-High Torque 405/1650 Power (HP) Torque (LB-Ft) Engine Speed (RPM) Volvo D13 XE-High Torque 425/1750 Power (HP) Torque (LB-Ft) Engine Speed (RPM) Advertised Power, HP 405 Peak Torque, lb-ft@rpm 1650@1000 Governed rpm 2000 Recommended cruise speed range, rpm 1150-1250 Start engagement torque, lb-ft@rpm 869@800

How many horsepower does a ve D12 engine have?

Fig. 1: VE D12 Engine 1 Serial Number Location Model Designations VE D12–310 Max. Power ……………….. 232 kW (310 Hp) @ 1700 rpm Max. Torque …. 1694 Nm (1254 lb-ft) @ 1100-1300 rpm VE D12–335 Max. Power ……………….. 259 kW (335 Hp) @ 1700 rpm Max. Torque …. 1762 Nm (1304 lb-ft) @ 1100-1300 rpm VE D12–370 Max.

What kind of engine does a Volvo truck have?

Driving Progress VOLVO D13 Engine family VOLVO D13 Engine family Volvo Trucks. Driving Progress 2 All the power your job needs. Just like the entire Volvo engine family, the D13 is designed to produce the power needed for your specific application, the fuel economy crucial to your bottom line, and the reliability your customers demand.

What kind of catalyst does a Volvo D13 use?

The use of Cu-Z catalyst coatings improves both low-temperature NOx conversion, and long-term system robustness. D13 drivetrain recommendations It is critical to specify the truck properly to achieve maximum fuel economy and performance. Ask your salesman to help you choose a rear axle ratio appropriate for your expected cruising