How often should a new vehicle oil and filter be changed?

How often should a new vehicle oil and filter be changed?

Every vehicle is different, but many manufacturers recommend intervals of 7,500 miles or more. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will give recommendations on how often to change your oil and filter. Your driving habits can also have an impact on how often you perform an oil change.

Do new oil filters come with gaskets?

When you buy an oil filter, it also comes with a new o-ring that goes on top of the filter to provide a seal. This o-ring wears-out and breaks relatively quick, which is why it needs to be changed out with the filter cartridge regularly.

Is a dented oil filter OK?

you should be just fine, it will not affect the flow of the filter. I would suggest next time just putting the filter on by hand, don’t need to use a wrench to tighten it.

Where can I get an oil cap for my car?

There are some options for securing your oil tank while waiting on a replacement cap, but your best bet is to order a cap with AutoZone and enjoy Free In-Store Pickup or Free Next Day Delivery to get the part you need in a safe and quick manner. Tired of buying a part that doesn’t even fit your vehicle?

How to find the right oil filler cap?

Rather than sifting through user reviews or trying to locate a vehicle spec on a product page, simply set your year make and model above and shop confidently that each oil filler cover is specifically designed to fit your vehicle.

Where to get the best oil filter for your car?

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Why do you need an oil filter cap?

An oil filter cap also seals the pressurized oil in the canister and helps to prevent leaks. Typically, an oil filter cap is threaded and sealed with an O-ring and may not seal properly if over-tightened or cross threaded.