How to fix a transfer case gasket leak?

How to fix a transfer case gasket leak?

The area the gasket seals shouldn’t have any fluid in it… To fix it properly, you need to remove the transfer case, determine which seal (or maybe both) is leaking, replace the seal/s, slap a new gasket on there, then bolt it together.

Why is my transmission gasket leaking on my Silverado?

Note, having the gasket there is kinda stupid, in that it makes it take longer to notice the real problem…namely, that either the transmission output shaft seal or transfer case input seal is leaking. You could just replace the gasket, but it’ll just leak again.

Why is my transfer case output shaft leaking?

In many cases, these noises are caused by the reduction of lubricants inside the transfer case or metal-to-metal grinding. Step 1: Grab a flashlight and look under the four-wheel drive vehicle for any oil on the ground. Then shine the light onto the transfer case output shaft and look to see if the seal is leaking.

What kind of gasket does a Silverado have?

4.515 GASKET, TRANSFER CASE ADAP (ACDelco #24245110) (Service Lane Part) K1,2 1999 – 2000 01 There is the GM call out. May or may not be the correct number though. But that is the name in GM speak.

What to do if your transfer case output shaft seal is leaking?

Look at the transfer case output shaft seal to see any leaking gear oil. If your vehicle continues to leak oil from the transfer case after replacing the transfer case output shaft seal, then you may need to get a professional to take a look at the transfer case.

What causes oil to leak from output shaft seal?

When the seal is hard, bending the seal will allow fluid to escape the transfer case and allow dirt, debris, and water to enter into the transfer case. The most common sign of output shaft seal failure is the drip of gear oil leaking from the seal.

Can a loose chain cause a transfer case to leak?

On many transfer cases, a loose chain will rub a hole in the top of the transfer case housing, thus there are rebuild kits that include a new chain and the front half of the case. Replacing the chain and the front case half should, however, be done by a professional rather than a DIY person.

What kind of seal is on transfer case?

The seal is stationary on the transfer case housing, but the inside of the seal must withstand rotational direction movements along with lateral movements. The seal is known as a dynamic seal. There are two common types of seals: