How to remove fuel injection pump from Caterpillar 3208?

How to remove fuel injection pump from Caterpillar 3208?

Remove plug from cover in fuel injection pump housing and install tool (A). Turn the crankshaft (clockwise) until the timing pin drops into the grove (slot) in the fuel injection pump camshaft. 2. Remove two nuts (2) and the tachometer drive housing (1) 3. Remove tachometer drive shaft (3) 4.

Is there a warranty on a Cat 3208 fuel pump?

1 Year Unlimited Mile Warranty. *FREE Ground Shipping. Remanufactured injection pump for Cat 3208 turbocharged engines, with under 300 horsepower. This pump is tuned to your application’s horsepower rating before shipping to you. Please provide your engine serial when ordering.

What kind of fuel pump does a cat use?

Not finding what you’re looking for? 9L6542 Caterpillar Camshaft, for CAT Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 3208. CAT CAM

Where is timing pin on caterpillar fuel injection pump?

Put bolt (3) through the front cover and into the hole with threads in the timing gear. The bolt from hole (5) can be used. 4. If the timing pin is in the notch in the camshaft for the fuel injection pumps, and bolt (3) goes into the hole in the timing gear through timing hole (4), the timing of the fuel injection pump is correct.

Can a 1985 3208 cat loose fuel pressure?

3208 cat no start. I had the injector pump rebuilt, loosened 3208 cat no start. I had the injector pump rebuilt, loosened the injector lines and used the hand pump to prime. Fuel comes out a few of the … read more

Where is the fuel filter on a 3208 cat?

By putting some pressure on the tank I was able to force fuel all the way up to the fuel filter fitting on top of the left cylinder bank.

When do I turn ignition on fuel pump keeps running?

I don’t think anywhere in the thread he has said that the engine is turning over, only the hum of a motor running, which is most likely the fuel pump. However, he still should be able to get the engine to turn over with the starter, unless the battery voltage is low and the voltage circuit in the starter relay is keeping it from activating.

What kind of cat scraper has 3208 injection pump?

Discussion in ‘ Tractor/Loader/Backhoes ‘ started by looneytunes, Mar 31, 2016 . I recently purchased a 613b cat scraper which has sitting for years. Its got that ol 3208 and doesn’t have but a few hundred hrs on it but it has sit without being started for 10 to 15 yrs.

What can I use to soften my cat injection pump?

If you take it all apart you can use a brass punch to tap the plungers back down, but think about the volume of the plungers, air isn’t going to do anything to them. I’ve used acetone in the diesel to soften up diesel gunk, helps starting too I think.

Is the purge pump on my Cat pump working?

The purge pump appears to b getting enough fuel to the pump and when loosened it is under pressure at the pump. The shutoff selenoid is working by pulling the plunger up. I did pull the top off the pump and nothing is rusted and the fuel is clean inside of it.