Is Citroen C4 Grand Picasso a good car?

Is Citroen C4 Grand Picasso a good car?

Space is very good and 7-seat option and functionality are great for a family with a dog. Electrical reliability is questionable as with all french cars, as we have had an sensor problem that cuts out the engine.

How do you reset a Citroen C4?

Introduction: How to Reset Service Reminder in Citroen C4

  1. Put the key into ignition, position 0.
  2. Press and hold trip reset button below the LCD screen.
  3. Turn the key into position II.
  4. Countdown from 10 will appear on the display.
  5. Release the trip reset button.
  6. Turn key into position 0.

How reliable is a Citroen C4?

The C4 has a mixed reliability record, usually finishing in the middle to bottom half of any surveys. Citroën as a brand finished in 28th place out of 32 manufacturers in our most recent reliability survey – a disappointing result.

What is the top spec Citroen C4 Grand Picasso?

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso prices and specs

Name 0-62mph Top speed
1.6 BlueHDi Touch Edition 5dr EAT6 11.20secs 117mph
1.6 BlueHDi VTR+ 5dr 11.60secs 117mph
1.6 BlueHDi VTR+ 5dr EAT6 11.50secs 117mph
1.6 THP Exclusive 5dr EAT6 8.70secs 130mph

How to adjust the windscreen washer jets on a C4?

Run the pump again and verify that equal amount of water comes from each one. Finally, remove the jets and boil them for a few minutes. The heat will remove any hard deposits. Replace everything, and verify that there is a gasket under each jet. They should be OK then. Also, try to always use distilled water in the washer reservoir.

How to adjust the washer jets on a Picasso?

The washer jets are really easy to adjust – open the bonnet and there’s a little knob with a + sign on it.

How do you replace a C4 Picasso windscreen?

Sounds a bit of a faff to replace though. Nah mate its easy, take the drivers side arch liner off and then you have access to the pump just pull the little pipes off (remember which is which) unplug the motor and then pull the pump out. just be warned there will be a lot of water! No boner really, worth having a spare at that price.

Do you need to test your windscreen washer jets?

To test your vehicle’s windscreen washer jets, it is important to remove any blockages and to observe how it sprays. Watch this video for the whole procedure and rationale.