Is stampy and hit the target friends in real life?

Is stampy and hit the target friends in real life?

hit the target isn’t real. He is simply edited into the video for entertainment purposes. I know this because in episode 76 he speaks and has Stampy’s voice and his gamertag isn’t visible.

Did Captainsparklez play with stampy?

Association with Stampy Captainsparkelz collaborated with Stampy in some projects. His biggest collaboration with Stampy was Minecraft: Story Mode, when they became the guest Minecraft YouTubers with DanTDM, StacyPlays and LDShadowLady in the game’s sixth episode “A Portal to Mystery”.

Where did the stampylongnose vlogs originally come from?

Along with Stampy’s old vlogs this series was originally made on MagicAnimalClub, and were transferred to the current side-channel as part of the MAC channel remodeling. This series focuses on the development of Garrett’s first novel.

What was the last video stampylongnose made?

Since his main channel (stampylongnose) included swearing and cursing, he gradually transitioned to the newer, cleaner channel, where has stayed ever since. His last video uploaded in this channel is an Is It Worth It video on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

When did stampylongnose switch to his new channel?

In 2012, he transitioned onto his current channel, Stampylonghead, however he reused it again in 2016 for his new vlogs, behind-the-scenes and the newly-released Let’s Talk videos. 2.4 Is It Worth It? The channel was named after “stampylonghead”, a character he created in one of his projects.

What do you need to know about Stampy’s Lovely World?

This series focuses on planning, conceptualizing, and styling builds which then it will be featured in the main channel. Most of these videos are centered builds inside Stampy’s Lovely World, but there are few videos where he featured his sketchbook worlds and his process for making Stampy Shorts .