Is the V-Rod Muscle a power cruiser?

Is the V-Rod Muscle a power cruiser?

But the V-Rod Muscle takes another stab at the power cruiser genre and succeeds in offering a fast, powerful ride with serious road presence that you would expect from the Harley Davidson lineup.

What’s the horsepower of a Harley Davidson V Rod?

2009 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle Review 1 The Goods. The heart of the V-Rod is its water-cooled, 60-degree Revolution V-twin powerplant, which was enlarged from 1,130cc to 1,250cc in 2008. 2 Swing a Leg Over. 3 On the Road. 4 The Bottom Line. …

How much does a V Rod Muscle cost?

Up front are 43mm inverted forks, and four-piston front and rear brakes are responsible for stopping duty. ABS is a $795 option, and cool looking LED-equipped mirror stalks and tail lamps add a premium look to the V-Rod Muscle’s outward appearance. All in all, the V-Rod Muscle weighs in at 673 lbs (in running order.)

Are there any known problems with the V Rod?

I’m riding a 2003 FXDL now and to get anywhere near 110 horses would cost me a fortune. I have an 2002 and the only problem that I had was with the fuel gauge. Thats it. I love my bike. I also have a ultra for me and my wife. Go buy one. They are a BLAST! I realize it isn’t much but I have 7k miles on mine and have never had a problem.

Where can I buy a 2009 Harley Davidson V Rod Muscle?

2009 HARLEY-DAVIDSON V-ROD MUSCLE VRSCF, Used 2009 Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle motorcycle for sale in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with 13,938 Miles. This pr… Factory drag-style handle bars, dual Vance and Hynes exhaust,fat rear tire. 1250 cc Liquid-cooled, Revolution, 60° V-Twin engine designed by Porsche…. VROD Muscle Limited Edition White Denim.

What kind of body does a V-Rod Muscle have?

2010 Harley-Davidson® V-Rod Muscle®, The V-Rod Muscle® is a high-performance power cruiser with broad-shouldered, sculpted bodywork and a contempo… 2009 Harley-Davidson® V-Rod Muscle®, The wide, angular air-box cover and chopped tail section give the new V-Rod Muscle lines that are clean, athl…

Is the Harley Davidson V-Rod 100 years old?

2003 V-Rod 100 year Anniversary edition. Just got the inpection done and the bike has been fully serviced from harley. Runs great no problem, upgrade…

How many horsepower does a Harley Davidson V-Rod have?

In America, V-Rod buyers often came from other brands, attracted by its modern engine, excellent performance and not-the-usual-cruiser style”. Model years: 2002–2006. The original V-Rod had a 1,131 cubic centimetres (69.0 cu in) Revolution Engine, producing a claimed 115 horsepower (86 kW) at the crank.