Is the Volkswagen Passat a good car to buy?

Is the Volkswagen Passat a good car to buy?

I like the engine temperature guage (which my 2014 Jetta didn’t have) and the torque converted 6 speed automatic transmission. The gas pedal is very responsive and the power from the 2.0 TSI engine is good. Brakes are very responsive.

What kind of mileage does Volkswagen Passat get?

The gas pedal is very responsive and the power from the 2.0 TSI engine is good. Brakes are very responsive. The car handles well and has the typical German car feel. I have done better than the 34 mpg highway mileage rating of 34 mpg.

What kind of car is the 2020 Passat?

I bought my new 2020 Passat SE in September. I had wanted a Passat for some time. I chose the Platinum Gray Metallic color. The car is very roomy with lots of legroom even in the rear seating area. There are many safety features; lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, backup camera, adaptive cruise control, etc.

Is the Volkswagen Passat with a sunroof good?

The driver’s side is fine. The car does not have a sunroof. Yet it was built with the control wheel in the headliner, which operates the sunroof. Sealant applications under the hood and in the trunk area are sloppy and clearly not applied in a controlled manner.

They are quite reliable, require very little maintenance, are solidly built vs the vehicles I compared it to. I am quite pleased with this car and would highly recommend them. Suspension is stiff when you hit a bump. Wipers could be improved for heavy rains. All in all it’s been a responsive car to drive, great fuel efficiency and looks.

When did the Volkswagen Passat go out of production?

On 31 March 1988, production ended (although Syncro models continued in production until June) with 3,345,248 built in Germany. World production totaled approximately 4.5 million units. The third generation Passat was introduced in March 1988 in Europe, 1990 in North America, and 1995 in South America.

How much does it cost to finance a Volkswagen Passat?

Volkswagen PASSAT 2.0 Tdi 122 Se… VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 1.6 Tdi Sel 5D… Representative Example: Representative APR of 7.9% borrowing £10,509 over 48 months on HP type finance, the amount payable would be £250 a month, with a total cost of credit of £1,483 and a total amount payable of £11,992.

Are there any issues with the VW Passat?

So, clearly, there are other underlying issues with VW because there is no way so many people have exactly the same issues and it just is that the vehicle is getting old from wear and tear. I would love to know how to go about filing a lawsuit against these scumbags. They’ve just stolen so much money from their customers.

Everything and anything that is on or near the engine is a nightmare to work on and costs lots of moola. If you don’t have the money to spend on repairs, do not buy. However if you’re looking for something fun in the sun, and cool in the snow, than this is the ride for you.

How long have I owned a Volkswagen Passat?

I owned my car 3.5 years and through 4 PA state inspections and it didn’t pass any of them on the first try. I bought the car with 70k and trading it in on Tuesday with 115k on the odometer. Currently no check engine light, but to pass emissions it needs an O2 sensor and possible vacuum pump.

How many miles does a 2003 Volkswagen Passat have?

I brought my passat in 2003 new. We are know in 2010 and I have not had any problems that I am surprised about. I drive my car on a daily basis. I currently have 97,500 miles on my car, and plan on changing the timing belt at 105,000 to drive the car another 100,000 miles.

Is there a check engine light on a Volkswagen Passat?

Currently no check engine light, but to pass emissions it needs an O2 sensor and possible vacuum pump. After 3.5 years and almost 6k spent on service I’ve had enough. I loved the look and feel of the car just not the upkeep.

What’s the name of the new VW Passat?

What it is: Volkswagen updated its Passat family sedan last year. Outside, the five-seat Passat received new front and rear styling; inside, it gained an updated version of Volkswagen’s multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Competitors include the Ford Fusion, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. New for 2017 Forward…

Where does the Volkswagen Passat NMS come from?

Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive also manufactures the Passat NMS in its Nanjing factory. The NMS is sold in the North American, South Korean, Chinese, and Middle Eastern markets. The Volkswagen Passat NMS won the 2012 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

Where can I buy a Volkswagen Passat in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, Volkswagen Global had authorised DRB-HICOM for assembly in the Pekan facility beginning 2011. The Passat was the best-selling model of Volkswagen Malaysia in 2012 and 2013.