What are the components of a differential assembly?

What are the components of a differential assembly?

The following main components are used in the differential assembly. l. Drive pinion or Bevel pinion 2. Ring gear or Crown wheel 3. Differential case 4. Differential side gear or Sun gears 5. Differential pinions (or) Planet gears 6. Axle shafts or Half shafts 7. Pinion shaft or Cross pin (or) spider.

Where does the differential gear box come from?

The differential is made up of a system of gears that connect the propeller shaft and rear axles. It is a part of inner axle housing assembly.

What are the parts of a rear wheel drive differential?

Figure. shows the basic parts of the type of differential used in rear-wheel-drive cars. On the inner ends of each axle a smaller bevel gear called differential side gear is mounted. Two bevel gears are put together to mesh both driving and driven shafts at an angle of 90°.

Where can I find a GM axle part diagram?

Download these exploded view part diagrams and associated part lists to select an AAM series below that matches your GM vehicle.

What is the purpose of an axle seal?

An axle seal is the part of the vehicle that connects the axle to the rear differential, or the transmission. The purpose of the axle seal is to keep transmission fluid from leaking.

What is the part number for axle bearing and seal?

The part number prefix for our Axle Bearing & Seal Kits is “AK”. We build these kits in-house, and only use the highest quality OEM components from manufacturers like Timken Bearings and National Seals.

Are there any Dana axle seal installation tools?

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What to look for if your axle seal is leaking?

If you are concerned about a leaking axle seal, here are 2 things to look out for: Oil puddle under car. One of the more common signs the axle seal is leaking is oil below your vehicle after it has been parked. Your driveway is one of the spaces you will notice the oil leak.