What are the fault codes for a Volvo truck?

What are the fault codes for a Volvo truck?

P105D19 Indirect Divider Valve (VAIDS) Circuit Current Above Threshold P105E17 Switch 1 Position Sensor (SEPo1R) Circuit Voltage Above Threshold P105E18 Switch 1 Position Sensor (SEPo1R) Circuit current below threshold P105E19 Switch 1 Position Sensor (SEPo1R) Circuit Current Above Threshold

What should the engine de-rate be in a Volvo truck?

A parked regeneration is allowed up to a 170% soot level. However, the engine will start to de-rate slightly at 140% and de-rate will increase as the soot level increases. During parked regeneration the engine will run at 1050-1200 rpm, depending on ambient conditions. A parked generation attempt will fail if:

Where can I get PTT for my Volvo truck?

To obtain PTT, contact your local Volvo Truck dealer. Regeneration Vehicles equipped with a 2007 emission compliant engine have an exhaust aftertreatment system which includes a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). During normal operation, the DPF collects soot and other particulate matter which is eventually oxidized using a regeneration process.

Why is the DPF on my Volvo truck black?

Severe black coating on the surfaces behind the DPF indicates that the DPF is cracked or partially melted. The DPF failure is unrecoverable and it must be replaced. The exhaust aftertreatment system also includes two components designed to increase exhaust system temperature for DPF regeneration.

B151F14 Relay circuit K13 for flashing beacon / roof lights Short circuit to ground or open B152012 Relay circuit K04 of the sunroof motor 1 Short circuit to battery voltage B152014 Relay circuit K04 of the sunroof motor 1 Short circuit to ground or an open B152112 Relay circuit K03 of the sunroof motor 2 Short circuit to battery voltage

What is the tachograph code for Volvo FH vmcu?

B15AC00 Tachograph display and chart mismatch Subtype information not available B15AD34 Clutch pedal position sensor measuring circuit High signal time less than minimum B15AD35 Clutch pedal position sensor measuring circuit High signal time greater than maximum

What is the group28 enginecontrolmodule ( ECM ) DTC code?

Group28 EngineControlModule(ECM)DiagnosticTrouble Codes(DTCs) DiagnosticTroubleCode(DTC)Content SPN0–500

What are the symptoms of a Volvo transmission problem?

Volvo transmission problem symptoms vary. A complete list of possible symptoms includes: Hard shifting between gears or hard downshifts. Volvo does not move when placed in Drive or Reverse. The engine revs up before going into the next gear. Transmission stuck in gear. Common fault codes are TCM-002A, TCM-002B, P0733, P0734.

What causes fault code er32-00 on Volvo Excavator?

Condition: If the locomotive control unit (V-ECU) records a voltage on JA56 below o.95V (open circuit), the fault code ER32-00 will be generated. Possible cause: The proportional valve drive circuit is open; the proportional valve circuit (frame ground wire) is open; the V-ECU’s JA pin is damaged.

What does FMI stand for on Volvo Excavator?

FMI: Failure Mode I dentifier (indicating the type of fault identified). The troubleshooting information is based on the fault code of the Volvo excavator. When reading the fault code on VCADS Pro, the SAE fault code must be converted to a Volvo excavator fault code for further troubleshooting.

How are Sid numbers determined on a Volvo?

The SID numbers are determined by which control component (MID) they are transmitted from. Each control component has its own sequence of SID numbers. The exceptions are the SID numbers 151-255, which are common to all systems. PSID: Proprietary Subsystem I dentification Deion. (Indicating Volvo unique component identification).

Why is the Check Engine light on in my Volvo?

Has the check engine light turned on in your Volvo XC90, S60, V90, or V60 Cross Country? It can be alarming seeing an engine warning appear on your dashboard, especially if you’ve never seen it before. A wide array of issues can cause a check engine light to come on, some more serious than others.

What kind of sound does a Volvo XC90 have?

Perfectly positioned Bowers & Wilkins speakers bring a sound quality so pristinely clear it feels like front row seats at a symphony – no matter where you sit. *Air in the car cabin is cleaned by removing up to 95% of one of the most common hazardous materials, PM 2.5. Always on your side.

How does Pilot Assist work in a Volvo XC90?

Always on your side. Advanced technology in your XC90 SUV helps connect your drive to personalized comfort and mobility. For smoother driving in heavy traffic, our standard Pilot Assist system can lend a helping hand by providing gentle steering support to help keep the car centered in its lane, and at a set speed and distance to vehicles in front.