What causes CP4 failure?

What causes CP4 failure?

The primary reason the CP4 pump is said to fail is because the pump was not designed for diesel fuel in the United States. Air in the pump means that metal rubs against metal, causing accelerated wear. This will eventually cause the CP4 to fail, often around 100,000 miles.

Does Ford still use the CP4 pump?

Because US diesel fuel differs from European, the fuel pump does not work as it’s intended and eventually causes engine damage. The class for this action is all persons who bought or leased a model year 2011 to 2019 Ford vehicle fitted at any time with a Bosch CP4 fuel pump.

What happens if you don’t have a lift pump?

Without being supplied low-pressure fuel via the lift pump, the injection pump would have the added job of pulling fuel all the way from the fuel tank (which is the case in Duramax applications). Without adequate diesel feeding into the low-pressure side of the injection pump, its life span is greatly reduced.

Why do we need aftermarket lift pumps in diesel trucks?

In addition to making big horsepower a reality, they add reliability to the entire fuel system, yield improved filtration over stock and (if electric) offer infinite adjustability over fuel pressure. In this day and age, it’s actually rare to peer under a diesel powered pickup and not see an aftermarket lift pump system bolted to the frame rail.

What makes an aftermarket lift pump a catalyst?

In addition to being the catalyst for making horsepower, complete aftermarket kits provide added fuel filtration, improved water separation and their supply pressure can be adjusted.

What happens when the injection pump goes below 5 psi?

When you start going below 5 PSI, you are not supplying the injection pump with enough fuel to properly drive the injectors, and at the very least, you will experience a loss of power and fuel economy. Some customers will notice the truck “falling on its face” or flat lining with power as the pump simply cannot supply any more fuel.