What do you need to know about the Chevrolet smog pump?

What do you need to know about the Chevrolet smog pump?

Each tube is manufactured with correct… Reproduction of the original smog diverter elbow designed for use with various 1969-76 Chevrolet models as listed. This OEM style aluminum elbow bolts to the smog pump and the diverter valve mounts on the opposite side. Used…

Where can I get emission control for my Chevy truck?

Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Emission Control Components for your Chevrolet Truck.

What are the features of a smog system?

Smog Systems: Features: Smog Tubes Extension Tubes to Exhaust Check Valves Hoses Tower Hose Clamps Diverter Valve Diverter Valve Mounting Elbow Smog Pump All Mounting Brackets Smog Pump Pulley These quality smog kits are… Includes hoses to check valve on AIR tube. Correct lengths of thick walled hoses to replace missing or cracked originals.

Are there any reproductions of the smog tubes?

We now offer reproduction smog tubes also known as air injection reactor tubes (A.I.R. tubes) which are manufactured exactly as originals and are cosmetically correct in every detail! Each tube is manufactured with correct…

What’s the idle time on a Chevy Suburban?

B. Idle Time: Run engine (do not drive) for 2 1/2 minutes with the air conditioner on and rear defroster on. During this period the ECU will be running the Oxygen Sensor Heater self-test, Air Injection System Passive Air test, EVAP Purge “No Flow” test, Misfire Detection.

What is mode 6 on a Chevy Suburban?

Mode 6 (emissions diagnostics tool) is especially helpful for a well trained smog technician. The Chevy Suburban drive cycle below will complete or make ready your SUV’s emission monitors, including the EVAP monitor, Oxygen Sensor monitor, EGR monitor, Secondary Air Injection, and Catalyst monitor.

How to perform a Chevy Suburban drive cycle?

C. Accelerate: Turn off the air conditioner and rear defroster and begin driving your Suburban. As soon as possible apply half throttle until 55mph is reached. The ECU will now run self-tests on the Misfire Detection, Fuel Trim, and EVAP Purge Flow. D. Hold Steady Speed: Hold your speed steady at 55 mph for three minutes.

Is the EVAP still incomplete on my Suburban?

The EVAP, secondary air, and catalyst monitor are still showing as incomplete. I have driven my Suburban 300 miles since the first time I was aware of them not being ready?