What does the EPC warning light on my car mean?

What does the EPC warning light on my car mean?

The light indicates a potential problem in any of the components monitored by the EPC system. Found in the cars of twelve Volkswagen Group brands, including Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, and more, this system monitors more components other than the ignition and engine.

Is it safe to drive with the EPC light on?

After that, the troubling code needs to be cleared to make everything return to normal. How Safe Is It to Drive with the EPC Light On? When your Volkswagen or Audi EPC warning light comes on, you should not keep driving it, as doing so can further damage the engine.

What is the EPC light on a Volkswagen or Audi?

What Is the EPC Light on a Volkswagen or Audi? The EPC warning light on your Volkswagen or Audi means there is a problem with the EPC (Electric Power Control) system. The EPC system controls the throttle control, including the throttle body, accelerator pedal, cruise control, or traction control Can the EPC Warning Light Cause a Loss of Power?

What to do when EPC light appears on dashboard?

When the EPC light appears on your dashboard, you should drive to your closest mechanic workshop to take a look at it as soon as possible. The EPC Light is often limiting your cars engine power and other functions to drive slowly to the closest mechanic workshop without issues.

What should I do if my EPC light goes off?

There is definitely something worn out in your EPC system. I would also check your engine computer. You need to get your car to a good VW independent shop. The Throttle Body codes are common on VW with EPC and this usually means that the Electronic Throttle Body needs replacing and reprogramming.

Why is my EPC light not working on my Volkswagen Passat?

There are several different causes when it comes to the EPC light as mentioned before. The most common problem with Volkswagen cars when the problem appears is a faulty ABS Sensor or ABS Ring. Throttle body failure. Bad ABS Sensor – Common on Newer VW Passat. Failed Brake pedal switch – Common problem on Golf 4 & Fabia.

How much to repair a EPC light problem-JustAnswer?

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What should I do if my check engine light keeps coming on?

Unless your car starts smoking or stalls completely head over to an auto parts store and have them run a diagnostic to find the cause of the check engine light. Call ahead and make sure they can handle your make and model, since some cars have special computers.

Why does my EPC light go into limp mode?

The EPC light also often causes your car to go into “ Limp mode “. Limp mode will restrict the functions in your engine control unit, such as limited RPM, low power, etc. If you want to learn more about the Limp mode, you can check out this article: Limp Mode. There are several different causes when it comes to the EPC light as mentioned before.