What happened to Reaper on outlaws?

What happened to Reaper on outlaws?

Street Outlaws star James Goad, known the world over as “Reaper” lost both of his prized Camaros in a horrible trailer fire on the way home from a recent race. Goad and his wife, Stacy, were traveling home from the Reaper’s All Star No Prep event that took place at Xtreme Raceway Park in Texas when the fire occurred.

Did Reaper from Street Outlaws pass away?

Ellis passed away at his Oklahoma home on Wednesday Sept. 9, an obituary from a Kentucky funeral home confirms. TMZ reported that the TV mechanic died of an apparent heroin overdose. The Discovery car savant was born on November 7, 1980 in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

What does Reaper from Street Outlaws do for a living?

James Goad is a professional racer and is perhaps best-known for his Camaro, called “The Reaper,” which was featured in the hit series from Discovery Channel titled Street Outlaws.

Who has the most horsepower on Street Outlaws?

James Goad, AKA Reaper, has unveiled his new Street Outlaws Camaro; and it’s mean, with 4,000hp under the hood.

Who from street outlaws died?

It has been reported that Gypsy Mike passed away December 18, 2020. His cause of death has not been officially released but sources have said that he died of a heart attack.

What engines do street outlaws use?

The engine itself is pretty basic, considering it makes about 3,400 hp. It’s a 572 built with a Lunati crank, Oliver connecting rods, Diamond pistons, and 380cc Dart Pro 2 cylinder heads.

How did Reaper from Street Outlaws get his name?

James, who is known as Reaper on the show, named after his signature car that he races, took to social media to update his fans on an accident that happened at his shop in Oklahoma. Posting on Facebook, James wrote, “Early this morning on our way back from Texas the stacker caught on fire,” he explained.

Who are the engine builders for Street Outlaws?

One engine builder getting more and more attention is Graham Jones, owner of FastTimes Motorworks, Inc. in Rolling Meadows, IL. We recently caught up with Graham to talk about his heightened recognition among Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws fan base after he joined forces with driver “Kamikaze” Chris Day, two years ago.

What kind of car does the Reaper drive?

As of March 2018, Reaper has more than 40k likes on his Facebook page. James Goad aka The Reaper is a street racer who is famous for appearing in Discovery’s reality series, Street Outlaws . He drives the nitrous assisted big tire 1968 Camaro with big block engine. He is a racing veteran who has been racing all his life around the Oklahoma City .

What happens to the car on Street Outlaws?

Accompanying the caption update was a video of James assessing the damage of his car, which has been completely burned down to its frame. The reality star said that on top of the Reaper being damaged well beyond repair, he also lost the orange car in the fire, as well as everything else that was in the trailer.