What is a bead roller machine?

What is a bead roller machine?

A Bead Roller is a machine tool that makes rigid lines in sheet metal to make surfaces more rugged and durable. The lines bead rollers add to sheet metal prevent warping and disfigurement by adding structural integrity to the metal.

What does a beading machine do?

Beading machines are one of the most versatile tools around, and are ideal for doing edging and detail work on sheetmetal panels. With a minimal investment, you can get started with a machine that will make beads and steps, which are the two features these machines are used for most often.

How do bead spinners work?

The spindle allows the bowl to spin. So, when you fill it with seed beads, you can spin it around. Centrifugal force pushes the beads into a stream at the edges of the bowl. So, if you stick a piece of wire, or a long needle into these beads, then a steady stream of beads will flow up your wire/needle and thread.

What is beading in sheet metal?

Beading is one of the common bending operations which are used to form beads at the end of the sheets. In beading, the periphery of the sheet metal is bent into the cavity of the die as shown in following figure. A bead or a round corner is formed at the end of the sheet.

What can a beading machine be used for?

Beading Machine Performance Feature: Line 5 beading machine and line 7 beading machine are used to make sheet metal reinforced ribs during HVAC air duct processing. This machine can groove 5 or 7 reinforced ribs at the same time with stable working and high quality.

What are bead rollers and what are they used for?

Bead rollers are one of the versatile metal working tools ever produced. These equipment are used for strengthening or shaping metal sheets, and fabricating beads. These metal beads are used for decorative purposes and in HVAC equipment. Woodward Fab offers industry-grade bead rollers, which enable efficient sheet metal bending operations.

Can a manual Bead Roller be used to cut aluminum?

Our manual bead rollers can be used to cut 16 gauge aluminum and 18 gauge steel. Our manual bead roller model WFBR24M is popular with our industrial clients. Power Bead Rollers: Our power bead rollers help in fabricating sheet metal of the highest quality.

What kind of rollers are used in sheet metal bending?

Woodward Fab offers industry-grade metal bead rollers, which enable efficient sheet metal bending operations. We offer various types of bead rollers, which are used in various industries. Manual Bead Rollers: Manual bead rollers are operated by crank or wheel.