What is transformation zone of cervix?

What is transformation zone of cervix?

The transformation zone is an area of changing cells, and it is the most common place on the cervix for abnormal cells to develop. These abnormal cells can be detected on a Pap smear. The location of the transformation zone varies among women.

What does transformation zone present mean on a Pap?

Transformation zone component present. Another phrase that means your pap sampled cells both on the surface of your cervix and inside the canal. Like with “endocervical cells absent,” your pap didn’t pick up cells at the transition of the outside to the inside of your cervix. Nothing to worry about.

Can you see the transformation zone?

This means that the squamocolumnar junction should be visible in its full length. If it is only partially seen, or not at all, part of the transformation zone is not visible.

When does the transformation zone develop?

During adolescence the physiological transformation zone of the cervix in the virgin undergoes limited change when compared to that of girls who are sexually promiscuous; the latter often show large areas of metaplastic squamous epithelium and the development of an atypical transformation zone.

What is Type 2 transformation zone?

Type 2 – the upper limit of the TZ is partly or wholly situated in the endo-cervical canal but is completely visible around 360 degrees of that limit.

When does transformation zone develop?

What does type 3 transformation zone mean?

Type 3 – part or the entire upper limit of the TZ cannot be seen in the canal. In Type 3. TZ the outer limit may be visible on the ectocervix, in the canal or also not visible.3. Figure 4 Description of transformation zone (TZ) categories.

What is a Type 1 transformation zone?

Diagrammatic representations of types of transformation zone (TZ). (a) Type 1 TZ, which is completely ectocervical, is fully visible, and may be small or large. (b) Type 2 TZ, which has an endocervical component but is still fully visible; the ectocervical component may be small or large.

What is Transformation Zone Type 3?

Type 3 transformation zone (TZ) of the cervix poses a challenge in cervical cancer screening with visual techniques because of the potential for missing important precancerous lesions which can progress into invasive cervical cancer (ICC) prior to detection.