What kind of regulator does a GM alternator use?

What kind of regulator does a GM alternator use?

Assuming you want to upgrade, we’ll take a couple of the more common options and run through the wiring variables. The original 1960’s GM alternator employs an external voltage regulator. This alternator (10-DN), uses a flat, two-prong connection at the back of the alternator.

Where can I buy a GM voltage regulator?

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Where is the voltage sensing wire on a GM alternator?

The Number 1 wire on the 10- or 12-SI is connected to the charge warning light on the dash. The Number 2 wire is what is called the voltage sensing wire. When converting from an external voltage regulator to an internal such as the 12-SI, many enthusiasts merely connect the Number 2 voltage sensing wire directly to the output terminal.

What kind of alternator does a Buick Roadmaster use?

Delco CS144 Series (140 Amp/6-Groove Pulley) Delco 10479891, 10480201 / Lester 8112 used on 93-96 5.7L Buick Roadmaster, Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (RWD), Chevrolet Caprice and Chevrolet Impala 5.7L If the one wire alternator is for cleaning out wires, you only need to retain the BAT wire. The 1 and 2 terminal wires can be eliminated.

When did alternators replace generators in early Chevys?

Among the most overlooked aspects of swapping late-model engines into early Chevys is upgrading the charging system. It was in the early ’60s when alternators replaced generators. Since then, a landslide of charging system and alternator enhancements have followed.

Which is the best way to upgrade an alternator?

M&H Wire Fabricators can build a plug-in-replacement forward-lamp harness that integrates with the new alternator by simply plugging it in. This is the cleanest way to upgrade. As a less expensive alternative, Painless Wiring offers a replacement CS-130 pigtail connector that can easily be spliced into place.