What makes a C15 Acert a twin turbo?

What makes a C15 Acert a twin turbo?

Often times people refer to the C15 Acert as a “Twin Turbo”, but these turbos are NOT the same. The high pressure builds boost right off idle, where as the low pressure turbo is used to make power in the top of the RPM range. The turbos were designed to work in unison so as to eliminate turbo lag.

How big is a turbo on a cat C15?

That being said, if you would like the largest compressor size avilable, but the small 1.32 A/R turbine housing for quick spool up, we can put that together for you J. It’s also worth noting that each of these turbos utilizes a FORGED MILLED compressor wheel over the typical cast wheel that can be prone to failure.

What was the problem with my C-15 cat engine?

The check engine light came on and the engine sounded like the jake brakes were engaged. Anyway i took it to a shop and they found that the exhaust manifold gasket was blown and a flex pipe was too. They fixed that and ran an overhead on it while it was apart.

Is the cat C15 momentum Worx a good truck?

To further increase the durability, a 360 Degree thrust bearing design has been added to each of these turbos – ensuring the best performance for your BIG CAT for many years to come. This turbo is a great upgrade for an otherwise stock truck.

What to look out for with the cat ACERT series / Twin Turbo?

The 2011 Duramax and the 2011 Ford both have urea systems. I think the Cummins Dodge Blu-Tec system still gets by without it for 2011. I’ll be keeping my ’08 Duramax for a long time. We’ll also have a whole new round of crap with the EPA fuel economy regulations passed just today for diesel pick-ups and heavy duty trucks.

How does water cooling work in a turbo?

The physical process of turbocharger water-cooling is an interesting one and works in a different way than what might seem obvious. It is true that during normal engine operation water flows through the turbocharger mostly due to pressure created by the engine’s water pump.

How does water cooling work on a Garrett turbocharger?

If the turbocharger’s center housing has threaded ports on either side, at 90° from the oil inlet/outlet flanges, then it is water-cooled. In order to meet durability targets defined by Garrett engineers during its development, it needs water flowing through it. Water cooling’s main benefit actually occurs after the engine has been shut down.

Is the SDP C15 Acert a ball bearing engine?

This is illustrated by excessive shaft play that can lead to losing oil, low power, and other assorted issues. The SDP C15 Acert has one benefit over its older siblings, this engine comes with BALL BEARING turbos.

Do you need torque specs for a C15 Acert?

Looking for torque specs for a C15, doing a Platinum overhaul and need specs for most bolts. Rods, mains, head bolts, rocker shafts, injectors, cam … read more

How much torque does a Caterpillar C15 engine have?

CATERPILLAR C15 Essential Diesel Engine Bolt Tightening Torques CAT C15 Main Bearing capscrews step 1 = 95 Nm, 70 lb.ft step 2 = 260 Nm, 190 lb.ft

What are the dimensions of a cat C15?

CAT C15 Dimensions approx: length 1381 mm, 54.37 in width 926 mm, 36.47 in height 1248 mm, 49.15 Click for CAT C15 engine manuals and specs. CAT C15 Weight approx: 1469 kg 3239 lb Click for CAT C15 engine manuals and specs. CAT C15 Compression ratio 18.0:1 Click for CAT C15 engine manuals and specs.