What to do when your Radiator drain plug comes loose?

What to do when your Radiator drain plug comes loose?

Put on some work gloves. Then place the dry towel on top of the car’s radiator cap and loosen it counterclockwise. The cap will come loose once the spring disengages. Keep your face at a distance, since once the cap is disengaged, pressure will escape from the car’s radiator.

How do you get coolant out of a radiator?

Step 6: Drain the radiator. Place a large drain pan under the radiator drain cock and open the drain cock, letting the coolant drain out of the radiator into the drain pan. Step 7: Remove the drain cock. Once the fluid is out, either unscrew the cap, twist the cap off and pull out the latch, or twist and slide out.

How to replace drainage plug-stop the leak?

How to Replace Radiator Drainage Plug – Stop the Leak! – YouTube How to Replace Radiator Drainage Plug – Stop the Leak! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Where is the drain hole on a radiator?

On older vehicles, radiators were built with aluminum tubes on the sides of the radiator core. They were cast in one piece and a hole was drilled inside one of the tubes to allow metal particles to drain out during the cleaning process after manufacturing.

How do you remove a broken radiator drain plug?

1. Remove the aerodynamic under cover No.2.. 2. Drain the engine coolant.. 3. Loosen the radiator drain plug completely. 4. Using a flathead screwdriver or equivalent, pry out the radiator drain plug. CAUTION: Do not apply excessive force to the flathead screwdriver or equivalent as doing so can damage the drain bore.

Where is the drain plug for my radiator?

The oil drain plug is located on the bottom of the oil pan. The radiator drain is on the bottom passangers side of the radiator. The transmission drain plug is in the trans oil pan , or you may have to drain by releasing the tension on the pan bolts… in which case you will likely need to replace the transmission pan gasket to reseal it.

Where is the coolant drain plug?

Align the coolant drain pan beneath the radiator in the location of the drain plug. It is located on the bottom of the radiator closest to the passenger side (near the lower radiator hose).