What were the key events of the Spanish Civil War?

What were the key events of the Spanish Civil War?

Five Events to Understand the Spanish Civil War

  • Leftists win the election, king abdicates.
  • The Popular Front wins the national election.
  • Two murders spark an uprising.
  • The Non-Intervention Committee.
  • Nationalists win the war.

What is the Spanish Civil War for Kids?

The Spanish Civil War (18 July 1936 – 1 April 1939) was a war in which the Spanish General Francisco Franco and his troops successfully took control of Spain. Half a million people died in the war, and many atrocities were committed by both sides. The most famous was the bombing of Guernica.

Why did the Spanish Civil War Start for kids?

But the people who had been the ruling class were not willing to give up control of Spain. They became known as Nationalists because they wanted to preserve the nation as it was. On July 17 they launched a military uprising against the government. General Francisco Franco led the uprising.

Why did the Spanish Civil War Start simple?

The Spanish Civil War began on July 17, 1936, when generals Emilio Mola and Francisco Franco launched an uprising aimed at overthrowing the country’s democratically elected republic. The Nationalist rebels’ initial efforts to instigate military revolts throughout Spain only partially succeeded.

What event started the Spanish war?

The mysterious destruction of the U.S. battleship Maine in Havana’s harbour on February 15, 1898, led to a declaration of war against Spain two months later.

In what year was the Spanish Revolution started what events took place during that year?

Spanish Revolution of 1936

Spanish Revolution
Part of the Spanish Civil War
Women training for a militia outside Barcelona, August 1936.
Date July 19, 1936
Location Various regions of Spain – primarily Madrid, Catalunya, Aragon, Andalusia, and parts of Levante, Spain.

How was the Spanish Civil War fought?

They fought mostly in the pro-Republican International Brigades, which also included several thousand exiles from pro-Nationalist regimes. The Nationalists advanced from their strongholds in the south and west, capturing most of Spain’s northern coastline in 1937.

What was the Civil War about in Spain?

Spanish Civil War, (1936–39), military revolt against the Republican government of Spain, supported by conservative elements within the country. When an initial military coup failed to win control of the entire country, a bloody civil war ensued, fought with great ferocity on both sides.

What happened after the Spanish Civil War?

In Spain, the Republican defenders of Madrid raise the white flag over the city, bringing to an end the bloody three-year Spanish Civil War. In 1931, Spanish King Alfonso XIII approved elections to decide the government of Spain, and voters overwhelmingly chose to abolish the monarchy in favor of a liberal republic.

Who won the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1939?

The Nationalists
The Nationalists won the war, which ended in early 1939, and ruled Spain until Franco’s death in November 1975.

How did the Spanish Civil War begin?

On July 18, 1936, the Spanish Civil War begins as a revolt by right-wing Spanish military officers in Spanish Morocco and spreads to mainland Spain. The Republicans succeeded in putting down the uprising in other areas, including Madrid, Spain’s capital.

What was the outcome of the Spanish Civil War?

Spanish Civil War

Date 17 July 1936 – 1 April 1939 (2 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 1 day)
Result Nationalist victory End of the Second Spanish Republic Establishment of the Spanish State under the rule of Francisco Franco Postwar Francoist mass killings and repression Spanish Maquis

When did the Spanish Civil War start and end?

The Spanish Civil War was a civil war between 1936-1939. In this lesson, you will read about how volunteers from around the world joined in the fighting. For all the fighting and death, read how in the end, Spain became a democracy.

What did the nationalists do in the Spanish Civil War?

That’s what happened in Spain in 1936-1939. Spain had a king, and when people decided to elect a government that got rid of the king, a group of soldiers under a general named Francisco Franco decided to fight to take over Spain. They were called the Nationalists. The Nationalists surprised the Spanish government and took control of much of Spain.

What was the cause of the Spanish Civil War?

Poverty led people to group themselves along communist lines backed by anarchists. In rural communities, stronger peasants would do anything to succeed such as confiscating lands. The elite class could feel the bells of communism ringing close to their properties.

How did the Great Depression affect the Spanish Civil War?

In the 1930s, characterized by a catastrophe in every sector of the world, the Great Depression dealt a big blow to Spain which was already in ruins. Unemployment rose high to the skies. General Rivera did not have the slightest clue on how to manage Spain’s financial struggles.