Where does the shift cable exit from a lever?

Where does the shift cable exit from a lever?

Feed cable end through cable anchor and out the top of the lever. Shift cable exit has two options. One option routes housing to the front side of the handlebar . The other option is the outer groove which routes housing to the backside of the handlebars. The brake cable exits from the inner hole.

How do you shift a Shimano Park Tool?

Shimano® levers have had different generations that vary in wire attachment. There may be a cover on the lever body that must be removed. There are both pry-out type covers and threaded type covers. Remove cover, if any. Shift the lever to the most relaxed cable position. Detach wire from derailleur.

How do you remove the cover from a shift lever?

Use a small Phillips screwdriver such as the SD-0 to remove. Remove cover screw. The cover is plastic, use care, and do nothing drastic. The front of the cover will be free to lift, but do not pull up of the front at this time, it may break the cover. The rear of the cover is held by an internal boss fitted to the lever body.

Where is the parking brake on a Chevy?

This work is not for you. How the Chevrolet or Workhorse parking brake works When the transmission selector is in “park”, the parking brake is applied. The parking brake is a drum brake located on the back of the transmission. The brake is applied two ways. First, one might press the parking brake pedal.

How does the parking brake work on a Chevy P-30?

It is here the cables from the parking brake pedal and the auto park meet. They pull a lever which causes one cable that goes back to the drum brake to apply the parking brake. Rumor is, you remove the cotter pin and bang out the clevis pin to release the brake. Problem is, I can’t see how that can be done.

What happens when auto parking brake goes off?

Failure comes in two flavors. First, something catastrophic happens and the brake is applied stopping the rig. Life sucks. Another flavor is when pressure is lost in the system and the pump cycles on and off, flashing the auto park brake light. This means your life does not yet suck. God loves you and has given you a short reprieve.