Who is think gas and what do they do?

Who is think gas and what do they do?

Established in 2018, THINK Gas is an environmentally-conscious company, which aims to benefit the country with the supply of clean fuel to consumers. We are introducing global best practices in safety, processes, technology and customer relationship management in City Gas Distribution.

How to get a gas line installed in your home?

Once our work is done, homeowners can enjoy a cozy fire without the hassle all winter long. If you’re interested in having a gas line installed, give us a call at 440-526-2905.

How big is the area of think gas?

We are laying down gas infrastructure to accelerate the availability of natural gas with our area of operations spread across approximately 34,000 sq. km. across the country. © 2021 THINK Gas Distribution Pvt. Ltd .

What happens if you have a gas line leak?

There are multiple dangers involved if you have a leaking gas line and pipe. For one, gas is combustible and flammable. Not finding and repairing a gas line leak may result in an explosion and tremendous damage to your property.

Where is think gas distribution Private Limited located?

Think Gas Distribution Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 27 April, 2018. It is classified as a private limited company and is located in East Delhi, Delhi. It’s authorized share capital is INR 3.00 cr and the total paid-up capital is INR 2.44 cr.

When was the last think gas general meeting?

The current status of Think Gas Distribution Private Limited is – Active. The last reported AGM (Annual General Meeting) of Think Gas Distribution Private Limited, per our records, was held on 22 December, 2020.

Why does gas sit in tank for days?

This was a result of the gas sitting in the pump dispenser, which was warmed by the sun. At our underground tank, which stores premium fuel, it’s not unusual for the gasoline to sit for hours or even days between fill-ups—unlike a typical filling station tank, which may be replenished every day or even more often.

Who are the owners of a gas station?

Franchised gas stations are owned and operated pursuant to a Franchise Agreement with a national supplier such as Exxon, BP, and Sunoco. Independent stations are not supported by any national supplier and, basically, sell “unbranded” fuel procured from an assortment of regional suppliers.