Why are VW diesels so noisy?

Why are VW diesels so noisy?

In the case of diesel engines, the fuel is ignited by compression only, with no external source of spark. Hence the combustion in diesel engines are more violent and spontaneous, producing higher vibrations and noise levels.

Why do diesel engines make a rattling sound?

In a diesel engine, the fuel/air mixture is compressed by the piston, which heats it to the point where it spontaneously ignites. Modern diesel engines inject the fuel in a series of smaller pulses to smooth out the pressure rise and dampen the rattle.

Why is my diesel so loud?

One of the biggest reasons that diesel engines are so loud is that they have such a high compression ratio. As you may know, diesel engines rely completely on compression to ignite the fuel. Diesel engines make that iconic sound because there is an almost chaotic compression that causes the diesel fuel to ignite.

Why does my VW Jetta make a noise?

It is hard to miss it. Sometime it does not always do it. This dual mass flywheel could RUIN YOUR ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION if it gets stuck. If your car makes that noise you need to replace it as soon as possible. This is a 2006 VW Jetta TDI DSG 1.9 TDI. This is NOT a sponsored video. Everything is purchased by us!

Why does my VW TDI shake at idle?

The engine as been well serviced. Fuel filter was change about 1200 miles ago (could it be that) engine oil looks like it could do with a change. That is my next job but i don’t think it will help.

Why does my Passat have a vibration at idle?

My Passat had a nice vibration at idle before i did the upgrade to the gear. I might add even a bad engine mount or loose hardware could cause the vibration. Bad injector or valves might need to be adjusted. Tho i think you said you checked thos right? Think i also read somewhere that uneven compression will cause vibration at idle?

Why does my Jetta TDI shake at red lights?

I have a 2006 Jetta TDi with 67k on it and does the same thing as u guys described. Smooth when it’s cold and gets shaky after a long drive I stop at a red light. Quite annoying. Click to expand… Check cam for wear or check timing. 90% one of these problems. Did you ever figure out the problem?