Why does my car squeak when I drive on the highway?

Why does my car squeak when I drive on the highway?

Loose or worn belts are a common cause of vehicle squealing. An old or failing alternator can make squealing sounds. If your car squeaks or squeals while turning the steering wheel, it’s probably the steering system. Brakes squealing is their friendly way of telling you it’s time to get them serviced.

Why does my car make a squealing sound when I accelerate?

If the belt is worn (dry, cracked,glazed) it can slip on acceleration and make a squealing sound. Also, if any of the pulleys on the alternator, p/s pump,etc, are worn or loose, they can cause the belt to squeal. Have a certified technician, like one from YourMechanic, come inspect the vehicle to isolate the exact cause of the squealing sound.

What to do if you hear a squealing noise when accelerating?

Start the engine with air on and rev the engine. If you hear the squeal shut the engine off and see if the chalk mark still lines up on the balancer. smile13 July 6, 2016, 3:47am #7 Okay so I brought my car in finally to be checked…I got a recommendation for a good mechanic, not a dealer.

Why does my harmonic balancer make a squealing noise?

The squealing might be from the harmonic balancer slipping on the rubber isolator ring. You can see the ring here. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=390119&cc=1427701 A quick way to check for this is, take piece of chalk and make a straight line across the pulley and the hub of the balancer.

Is it normal to make noise when accelerating?

There are noises that are normal on acceleration. The best way to know if the noise is normal is simply if you have heard the noise before. You have probably driven, or at least ridden in cars for years.

What causes a loud clicking noise during acceleration?

Noise: Banging or heavy clicking every two to three feet during acceleration and deceleration Cause: Damaged or broken pinion gear tooth or teeth Noise: Banging or heavy clicking every two to three feet during acceleration or deceleration, but not both

Why does my car make a squealing noise when I turn the wheel?

In some cases, this squealing noise may be due to a worn out axle or wheel bearing. The bearings act as a buffer between the wheel and axle and when they wear out, there is friction, leading to squealing.

Why does rear differential noise sound like a broken gear?

Having a chipped or missing high spot on a gear tooth sounds closely similar to a broken gear except that the rear differential noise only happens while accelerating or decelerating. This is because the problem is just present on one side of the offending tooth.

Why do I hear a humming noise while driving?

When they hear a humming noise while driving or any other such sound, they can directly tell you what’s wrong, as their ears are tuned to these sounds. However, since you don’t have access to such an expert mechanic, this article will guide you to the possible sources, that will hopefully solve your problem and restore peace.