Why is my car making a whistling sound when I accelerate?

Why is my car making a whistling sound when I accelerate?

If the whistling noise is sounding when you accelerate and more towards the front of your vehicle, your symptoms suggest that you may have a vacuum leak. Although this is a common issue, it does mean that your car is not operating at full efficiency and if left untreated will cause costly damage.

What are examples of low pitch sound?

Low pitch:

  • Large bells.
  • Gong.
  • Lion or tiger.
  • Low notes on a piano or violin.
  • Frog sounds.

What is a example of low pitch?

Some of the examples of low pitch sounds are: Animal roar, guitar sound, a large bell and thunder.

Why is there a whistle coming from my engine?

Im very interested if somsone has an answer because i am having a similar problem, the Oil is not a factor in mine but after highway driveing i here a loud squeel or whistle from under the hood. cant figure out what it is. . Listen to your oil filter cap….and locate that whistle. Remove oil filter cap while running — vac? Result? .

Why does MY BMW E90 make a whistling noise?

I have a 2008 E90, which has been an outstanding car with little to no issues… This weekend, took it on a 4 hour trip and experienced an issue with oil. About an hour into the drive (on the highway), I received a notification on my dash which said I needed an additional quart of oil, so I pulled over.

What’s the engine whistle noise on a Honda Element?

Mine starts at around 35 goes to 40-42. Honda gives me the brilliant answer of that nothing. Well at one point it was nothing meaning that sound wasn’t there. It started around 20 to 25k on the odo. So I found this site justanswer.com. Supposedly the people answering are verified mechanics.

Why does my VANOS solenoid make a whistling noise?

Prior to fixing I also had a whistling noise when revving the car from idle – I don’t have that symptom any more. If your VANOS solenoids are he issue, you will have faults, especially if they are making a whinnying noise…not whistling…whistling is valve cover. Obviously it’s impossible to properly diag a car from a keyboard.