Why is my Ford Ranger making a popping noise?

Why is my Ford Ranger making a popping noise?

The truck was towed to a junk yard in illinois. Pictures were taken of the engine and the vehicle itself. The consumer planned to notify the manufacturer about the fire. (11/22/05) a popping noise was coming from the engine and it begun to lose power. The consumer popped the hood and saw fire coming out of the engine.

Why does the water in fuel light come on on a Ford Ranger?

Continual driving without changing the oil over time may result in engine lubrication problems. Ford diesel versions of the Ford Ranger, the water-in-fuel light (fuel filter warning light) will come on if there is excess water in the fuel filter. This requires draining immediately to avoid faults occurring.

What was it like to be a Sloane Ranger?

Of course, for the original cohort, being a Sloane was more than just a sense of fashion: it was a way of life. The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook was the bible for everything one needed to know about dressing, living, breathing Sloane.

What is the problem with my Ford Ranger?

Good afternoon we having problem with the ford ranger 2010 4×4 model with starting. Its just crank and falling to start but if you push it it will start or if you use quick start it will start. What could be the problem?

What kind of symptoms would my Ranger 700 XP exhibit?

What type of symptoms would my ranger exhibit if the drive belt is ready to be replaced. My ’09 Ranger 700 XP was running great today after swapping out the fuel pump and cleaning the sensor on Saturday.

Why does my Ranger Belt smell like gas?

Smelled a little raw gas, so it might be a combo of belt problems and being in need of a new set of spark plugs. The set that is in it are the originals.

Why do I get a vibration in my Ford Ranger?

It’s most pronounced when accelerating from a stop; as you pass 10 mph or so there’s often a brief shudder from somewhere behind the driver’s seat. One Ranger driver wrote on the forum that it’s like “running over the rumble bumps on the side of the road (just less intense),” which is as good a description as any.

Why is my fuel gauge not working on my Polaris Ranger?

Sprayed down the sensor and cleaned it good. It did have a little dirt on it from last spring, but cleaned up nicely. I put a bottle of Lucas in it when I topped off the tank before we left on our ride. Fuel gauge doesn’t work, has a loose wire in the plug that plugs into the fuel pump assembly.